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Out of the Cold: Water Heater Repair | Richmond, TX

Out of the Cold: Water Heater Repair | Richmond, TX

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Water heater repair is critical to all residents. In fact, repair and service is so critical to the basics of our lives that it becomes impossible for us to live without it. We use it to kill germs when washing ourselves, our hands, and while doing the dishes. We even use it to wash most of our clothes and to take hot showers or soak in a tub.

Imagine that icky feeling you get when you try to bathe only to discover that there is no hot water available for your use. The feeling of a cold shower is never a pleasant one, and leads to a situation that is highly stressful. That's when it's time to call a professional plumber at Benjamin Franklin.

Being without hot water can cause a great deal of stress. Staying with family and friends during those times, using a shower elsewhere, and the list goes on. Simply thinking of the worst case scenario on your water heater repair bill is enough to send chills down your spine.

The average lifespan of a water heater is around ten years maximum, as it bears the brunt from a single decade of wear and tear. There are times and circumstances that precipitate the possibility that anything can go wrong, and with that in mind, it's important to know that Benjamin Franklin's can help with water heater repair service.

There are many common problems that typically happen with water heaters, especially midway through a decade after they've been installed. You could hear knocking sounds, or it may run without stopping. Another problem would be if there is still water left in the tank, thus necessitating a need for manual draining. Water that leaks around your unit signifies that although your water heater may be trying to do its job, there is no water in it to heat. Residents of Richmond, TX are all too familiar with the signs that lead to a breakdown. Other signs such as a sudden, major hike in your monthly utility bill could point to the need for water heater repair. Other signs include gas leaks for non-electric units, or if the water heater shuts off and stays off without warning.

Extreme fluctuations in water temperature also point to the possibility of a breakdown of your water heater. Imagine taking not just a normal hot shower, but one that is positively scorching hot. Or, worse yet, one that is freezing cold with no chance of warming up at any time.

When water heater repair service is needed, you can count on the professionals at Benjamin Franklin's of TX, which serves the town of Richmond and other surrounding areas. Even simple, routine maintenance is provided as a major part of water heater repair service. Services such as routine water heater flushes, thorough inspections, and replacing or upgrading individual parts are all included in the package. In fact, this basic task of routine maintenance is always recommended for the life of your water heater.

But there comes a certain point when simple water heater repair and maintenance will no longer do, and you may reach a point where a brand new water heater is needed.

Benjamin Franklin's Plumbing offers several brands of water heaters, from electric to gas-powered and more. With each water heater comes a basic warranty, and each plumber at Benjamin Franklin's will gladly explain the installation process, give you a time frame, and a breakdown of costs plus taxes and fees.

Gas water heaters offer businesses and homeowners the added advantage of warming up their hot water supply even during times when an outage may occur. Like their electric-powered peers, they rely on a tank where gallons of water are stored and waiting to be heated for use. Both gas and electric water heaters are capable of heating 20-100 gallons of water at a time, which is more than enough to provide hours of use for everyone in the household.

However, there are other types of water heaters that are more economically efficient and environmentally friendly than the aforementioned others, and Benjamin Franklin's can install those for you as well.

The first type is the solar powered water heater, which gets its energy directly from the sun. They can save you an average of 14-18% on your utilities for the simple fact that they require no power for heating your water supply. Plus, with proper annual maintenance, these tiny machines are tough enough to last up to twenty years.

But the most efficient water heater of all is the tankless water heater. Its compact size is no greater than your purse or briefcase, yet it continues to heat your home water supply at a highly rapid rate and within minutes of use. In fact, once you run the water, it starts heating up right away, therefore saving you money, time, and water waste. They are so compact that they can be used anywhere, even in a studio apartment. Due to the possibility that their motors can overheat, ventilation is required prior to installation and use.

There are so many factors that encompass good, quality water heater repair service, whether its routine maintenance, periodic inspections, emergency service, or new water heater installation.

All services, including water heater repair, have the guarantee of honest pricing, prompt and courteous customer service, and professional expertise in a language you'll understand. With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, there are no gimmicks, only professional service that fits your budget and satisfies your needs.

Those residing within the Richmond, TX area need not be left out in the cold. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today. Their fine team of highly trained professionals will be happy to answer all your questions and will even set up a time for an assessment right before service begins.