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Having a quality water heater at home is convenient because it allows you to have hot water at all times. If yours gets damaged, you should get a professional to fix it for you instead of trying to do it alone. Without the necessary skills, you might even worsen the problem you have. You may also harm yourself or someone you love when trying to do so.

Residents of Katy, TX, can access water heater repairing services at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We are unlike most plumbing firms in Texas. Below are some of the things that set us apart from our competitors:

We Use Innovative Technology

To stay ahead of everyone, we have invested in the most advanced products to guarantee quality work. Once you call us to come and repair your water heater in Katy, TX, we will get everything that require and come to your place. If, for instance, the water heater repair services you need include installing new parts, we will get the best ones off the market just for your satisfaction.

We Are Always Punctual

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company, we are ever timely. Our technicians' main objective is to meet your water heater repair needs. They will arrive at your place shortly after you have called us. The last thing we would want is for you to spend hours on end waiting for us because we highly value our working relationship.

We Come with Decades of Experience

Since 1998, we have been offering exceptional water heater repair services. More than two decades of experience have allowed us to not only perfect our skills but also learn how to serve our clients outstandingly. On top of that, we have built a great reputation which makes us more trustworthy and reliable than other plumbing companies out there.

We Have the Best Technicians

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company understands that we can only assure you of quality services if our staff is competent. That is why we take our time when hiring them. We see to it that they are trained and experienced in repairing water heaters. On top of that, we ensure that they are free of drugs so that they can deliver nothing but quality water heater repair services.

We Are Always Available

You cannot accurately predict when you are going to have a water heater problem. On that account, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company, we work all week so that we can show up whenever you need us, even if it is during the weekends. Furthermore, you can call us in emergency situations. Our experts will not hesitate to come to your home or business premises during your time of need.

We Offer a Wide Range of Other Services

What happens when you have a problem with your water heater, and another with your drainage system? It would be inconvenient to hire two companies, since you may have to pay more and it will take a lot of time. Therefore, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company, we offer dependable water heater repair services, and a lot more. These include drainage repair and cleaning, water systems replacement and also kitchen plumbing.

If you are always busy at work, you may not have time to check your water heater. Even so, you can watch out for the signs which clearly show that it has a complication that requires attention.

The Right Time to Seek Water Heater Repair Services

No Hot Water

With a functional water heater, you should access hot water at all times. It is typically equipped with two quality heating elements to allow for it. Should you realize that the water running in your home is ever cold and you are in Katy, TX, it is time to call a technician from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company.


If you notice that your water heater unit is corroded, you ought to look for a competent company for water heater repair services. It is possible to tell it is if the water is discolored or brown in color. You may also see rust on the outside. You do not necessarily have to replace the entire unit. Instead, you can change the rusty parts alone. Even though, note that it will only solve the problem temporarily. Hence, make plans to get a water heater replacement as soon as you can.

Leaking Water

Your water heater is there to provide you with hot water. Be that as it may, there is complication with your water tank if you notice water leaking from it. Within a short time, it might start flooding at the tank's bottom, making it hard for you to keep the place as dry or clean as you may want to be. Therefore, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing so that we can come and fix the problem at hand.

Fluctuating Water Temperatures

Does your water come out as cold or lukewarm one day, and extremely hot on the other? You have a water heater problem in your hands. Since it might be difficult for you to identify the complication, you should get a qualified expert to do it. Sometimes, it might be because the water heater is too old. All the same, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company will recommend a viable solution and provide the water heater repair services you require.

Noisy Tanks

Sometimes, you may notice some noises coming out of your water tank. A buzz is normal, but if it escalates to loud disturbing rumbling sounds, your water heater system needs to be checked. Call a water heater repair professional from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to do it. All of ours are skilled because we never want to let you down.

A water heater at home is crucial because, with hot water, you can shower, and do a lot of other activities efficiently. If you realize that yours has a defect, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for water heater repair services. We serve all the residents of Katy, TX, on every other day of the week. To meet all your water heater repair needs, we come with innovative products, exceptional technicians and many years of experience.