Knocking Noises Coming From Water Pipes

Strange noises originating from your home's pipes can be unnerving for you and other people in your household. Contacting a plumbing service in Rosenberg, TX as soon as you can is the best way to remedy such a problem. The plumber can pinpoint the source of the sound and give you the most effective solutions for your individual circumstances.

In this article, we look at the most likely causes and remedies for different types of knocking noises.

Pipes Knocking and Banging When Hot Water Is Turned On

Banging or knocking sounds in your water pipes that begin as soon as a hot water tap is switched on can be caused by CPVC water lines in your home. CPVC piping tends to expand and contract anytime hot water passes through it and this can cause knocking sounds within your home walls. CPVC piping requires adequate free room around it to avoid knocking sounds.

Some houses utilize CPVC as their supply pipes for hot water to showers, sinks, laundry machines, etc. If a CPVC line is routed via a tight opening, a knocking or banging sound will be heard each time hot water runs through it.

You can tell that poor CPVC line construction is your problem if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Light tan or cream piping running to the household hot water appliances. Such pipes are usually marked "CPVC"
  • Knocking sounds when a hot water tap is switched on
  • The noises come to a stop a couple of minutes after you turn off your hot water tap

The only solution is to identify the CPVC pipes that are producing the banging sound and provide them with more breathing room. The extra space will allow the line to expand freely without rubbing any nearby materials. Since that job may involve cutting into the walls or moving CPVC pipes, it's best to leave it to a professional.

Knocking Noises after Shutting Off a Hot or Cold-Water Supply

Have you noticed knocking sounds coming from your bathroom pipes whenever a toilet is flushed? Perhaps, knocking noises in the laundry room each time the washing machine finishes filling? Or, maybe loud banging sounds in your water pipes every time the sprinkler system is shut off?

If you have experienced any of the above situations, the most likely cause is a water hammer. A water hammer happens when a valve in the water supply system is turned off suddenly. That causes the water that was passing through to crash into the valve, which shakes the pipes and produces a loud sound.

At times, a water hammer can be so violent that it causes the pipes to come out of their joints and leak.

The remedy for a water hammer problem typically depends on how old a home is. Many houses constructed before the 1960s possess air chambers, which are T-sections of pipes with air and serve as shock absorbers. But, as time passes, the air in those chambers becomes displaced by water. Thus, houses with air chambers can decrease water hammer issues by draining the water from the plumbing system and refilling it afterward.

Homes constructed since the 1960s ought to have water hammer arrestors, which are a modern replacement for the old air chambers. The arrestors are spring-loaded and are not likely to fail. Hence, if you are facing a water hammer situation, your house might not have water hammer arrestors.

You should call in plumbing service in Rosenberg, TX to help you resolve the water hammer.

Loud Banging Sounds When the Cold-Water Supply is Running

Are you hearing knocking sounds when the water is running or when you turn on a cold water tap? Such problems can occur because of high water pressure. If the flow rate of water in a pipe exceeds a particular level, the flow moves from a steady flow to a turbulent one. In other words, when water passes through a pipe too quickly, it starts to bounce off the enclosure into itself, shaking the pipe. A shaking pipe can jar against other adjacent pipes or walls, producing the knocking sound you hear.

You can monitor your house's incoming water pressure by attaching a water pressure test gauge to a hose bib that's near the water main. Normal pressure is between 40 and 80 PSI. If your gauge reads a higher pressure, you will need a plumbing service to add, replace or modify your house's pressure reading valve.

Incidental Loud Banging Sounds Even When All the Taps Are Turned Off

Have you noticed loud banging noises that occur randomly in the morning or evening, even when the water is not running? The most likely reason for such incidental knocking noises is sediment build-up in the water heater. The noise may be so loud that the reverberations make it appear like the knocking sound is being produced by the pipes in the walls.

Usually, the sound is steam bubbles coming from the sediments that have accumulated at the base of your water heater. It is similar to how covered boiling water in a pot begins to push up the top. The water heater tank's heating element is situated at the base, straight where sediments settle and mix with water.

The sediment build-up problem can be fixed by flushing the water heater. You should call in a professional plumbing service because they have the right tools and knowledge to do the job correctly.

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