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We're sharing with you those questions you have been wanting to get the answers to. If you have ever wondered about the workings of the plumbing in your Richmond, TX, home including those strange noises, low water pressure, and how to choose a water heater – this is where you will find it. Join us as we find out the answers to these seven top burning plumbing questions.

How much water am I losing from a constant drip from my faucet?

A dripping water faucet can be costly if left unattended, starting with the wasted water. Leaving one faucet to drip at ten drips per minute could waste over 300 gallons of water a year according to the United States Geological Survey. Wasting water is bad enough, but remember you will also pay for that wasted water in an increased utility bill each month. Faster drips or more faucets in that condition will cost you more. The drip could also contain harmful minerals that will stain your sinks, leading to the need to replace them. Dripping faucets could also lead to the need to replace cabinetry, which could be in the thousands. It is best to get your plumber in at the first sign to alleviate the problem.

Why is hiring a plumber worth my while?

With all of the do-it-yourself help found on the internet today, you make think that taking care of your plumbing should be simple and cheaper. Sometimes the cheap ends up being more expensive. Most people are not trained and experienced in handling plumbing problems and can cause larger problems in the midst of completing what may seem to be simple plumbing tasks. The TX State Board of Plumbing Examiners requires that a plumber operating in our state is trained and experienced in dealing with minor and major plumbing issues. Plumbers can offer peace of mind and ensure that your problem doesn't end up costing you more in the long run. They also can provide a wealth of information and maintenance advice. Skip the trial and error and allow a plumber to solve your plumbing issue.

How do I protect my pipes in the winter?

Here in Texas we have our share of sunny days and sweltering heat, but the Richmond area has plenty of freezing temps that hit in the thick of winter. It is important to protect your pipes to avoid costly repairs. Pipes, especially in the attics, should be insulated. Insulation is also available for those pipes around the house. Dripping cold water on nights that will dip below freezing will allow the water to flow ensuring that the pipes won't freeze. Keeping the heat above 50, even when you are away from home helps to keep the pipes warm. Don't forget to leave those cabinet and bathroom doors open so the pipes will enjoy some of that heat as well.

Why is my water pressure suddenly low?

There are a myriad of reasons that your water pressure could be low. A licensed plumber will be able to do all of the diagnostic checks to get to the problem. Some reasons include shut off valves being closed and clogged pipes. Sometimes it is as simple as a showerhead, aerator, or faucet being blocked. More serious problems include a leak in the pipes, inside or outside your home. If only your hot water pressure is low this could signal a problem with your water heater.

How do I know if I need repiping?

Has your water been looking, smelling, or tasting dirty? Are you hearing odd sounds coming from your pipes? These could be your first signs that your pipes are in need of repair or replacement. When you purchase new appliances, grill, or fire pit you often need a new gas line installed. If you are having recurring leaks or clogs, this could also be a sign that it is time to call in a plumber to evaluate the piping throughout your home.

What does hard and soft water mean and why does it matter?

Hard water comes straight in from the outside Richmond, TX water lines into your home and contains calcium and magnesium, among other minerals. Hard water problems show up in dishes with spots, soap scum in your tub, and mineral sediments in your pipes and appliances. Soft water is the result of water softening products and removes the harmful minerals that can do damage to your home. Your licensed plumber can assist you in determining the right soft water system for your home.

Which is better tankless or traditional water heaters?

Often tankless water heaters can save you money on utility bills. They also work to warm water immediately, there is no storage. The water comes into your home and goes straight through the tankless water heater and comes right out of your faucet hot. But if the cold water outside of your home is colder due to the weather, it may take longer than with a traditional water heater that has already been working to keep the stored water hot. Meaning, the energy used in tankless water heaters is less. Tankless water heaters are often more costly, but they also don't take up as much room and typically last longer than a traditional water heater. Your licensed plumber can walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you choose the best water heater from your home.

Now that you have had the chance to get answers to many of those burning plumbing questions, it is time to take this knowledge you have gained and figure out with your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Rosenberg a call to solve any of your plumbing needs in Houston, Richmond, and Rosenberg TX.