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What You Need to Know About Your Home’s Drains | Insight from Your Trusted Sugar Land, TX Drain Cleaning Service Professional

What You Need to Know About Your Home’s Drains | Insight from Your Trusted Sugar Land, TX Drain Cleaning Service Professional

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Home owners have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to keeping a home in good shape. Not only do you have to keep up with things like paint, siding and roofing, you also need to take care of the things you can't see. Unfortunately, plumbing is often neglected because it's hidden, which leads to having to call a drain cleaning service when things are clogged up. If you want to keep the plumbing system in your Sugar Land, TX, home up and running for many years to come, here's what you need to know about your drains.

Kitchen Drains

When homeowners call a drain cleaning service to unclog a drain, that clog is often located somewhere in the kitchen drain. The fact of the matter is, most people are way too liberal with what they put down their kitchen drain, and there are a lot of foods and other objects that can be a big problem.

Even if you have a garbage disposal, you should never put any food down the kitchen drain unless you have to. While it's true that garbage disposals help break down food and keep it from clogging drain pipes, many foods don't break down so easily. Some of the things you should specifically avoid putting in your garbage disposal include bones, egg shells, coffee grounds, produce stickers and grease and oil. These are some of the most common calls for our drain clean service to deal with.

If you have trouble keeping your kitchen drain clean, you can buy a small strainer that attaches to the corner of the sink. All you have to do is pour your food into this strainer, dump it in the garbage can and rinse it out.

Bathroom Drains

Taking care of the kitchen sink in your Sugar Land, TX, home is a little more simple because there's only one drain. When it comes to your bathroom, you need to make sure you're keeping the sink, toilet and shower drains clean if you want to prevent plumbing problems. Unfortunately, drain cleaning services are used for bathrooms more than anything else.

The biggest problem with bathroom drains is that they don't necessarily clog because of something you've done wrong. Most clogs in bathroom sinks and showers come from a combination of hair and soap, both of which can be byproducts of showering. Obviously, one way to combat this is to not shave in the shower or sink. You can also buy a grate to put over the drain which you'll need to empty regularly. Regardless, hair and soap are always somewhat of an issue in bathrooms.

As far as your toilet goes, the most important thing is making sure you aren't flushing the wrong stuff. Our drain cleaning service sees drains that have been clogged by all sorts of nasty stuff, including makeup products, flushable wipes, menstrual products, cigarette butts and cotton swabs. Basically, toilet paper is the only thing you should flush down your toilet.

Drain Cleaners

When most people have a clogged drain in their home, they either call a drain cleaning service or reach for a chemical drain cleaner like Drano. While these products have been popular for a long time, most plumbers would tell you to opt for a cleaner that isn't chemical based.

The biggest issue with Drano is that it can damage your pipes. Drano is made from harsh chemicals that are designed to break down clogs, but those chemicals can also break down your pipes. Drano constantly releases heat as it works to break down clogs, which can soften and break PVC pipes, crack toilet bowls and more. On top of that, Drano can eat away at the glue that's holding crucial connections together, leading to big problems in your plumbing system.

If you want to avoid spending a fortune on a drain cleaning service and plumbing repairs, make sure you're using an enzyme-based drain cleaner. These cleaners have enzymes which eat away at the organic matter causing clogs without eating away at pipes and glue. If you're not sure which drain cleaner is right for you, a drain cleaning service can help you decide.

Bigger Problems

Most slow draining sinks and fixtures in your home are simply caused by a buildup of organic matter in the pipes. However, there are times when drain clogs are caused by something much more serious, in which case you need more than a simple drain cleaning service.

What you really need to watch out for when it comes to drain clogs are clogs that are caused by roots in pipes. If your main sewage line runs near a tree somewhere, that tree's roots can grow into the sewage line and eventually clog it up. The only way to tell if you've got a tree root clogging a drain line is to have a plumber inspect your pipes with a camera.

Since tree roots are a bit harder to dissolve than food and soap, you may need more than a drain cleaning service if you've got a root in your drain line. There are some home remedies that some recommend for killing and removing tree roots from your pipes, but it's best to have a professional do it so you know the root is gone and there are no residual leaks.

Make It Easy

You've got a lot to contend with if you want to be a responsible homeowner, from making sure your home looks great to keeping the inner workings in good shape. Fortunately, you don't have to do it on your own.

If you're looking for a good drain cleaning service to give you a fresh start with clean drains, the folks at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston can help. Not only can we make sure the drains in your Sugar Land, TX, home is clean, we can also take care of any other plumbing jobs you need done. Call us today at (281) 616-3978 to schedule an appointment.