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Find the Right Plumber for Your Home | Katy, TX

Find the Right Plumber for Your Home | Katy, TX

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At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston, we pride ourselves in having the highest code of ethics, backed by high standards of labor, and supported with reliable brand quality suppliers. Our code of ethics has been created, because it forms the foundation of the quality services and products that are an integral part of our existence.

Developing and living these values has also transformed our customers experiences into that of satisfaction every time, or your money back. That is how confident we are in who we are as an exceptional team of plumbers and professional co-workers who engage in service provision in Katy, TX.

What Services Do Our Expert Team of Plumbers Provide in Katy, TX?

Our professional team of highly trained, experienced plumbers in Katy TX deliver the following range of basic and complex services:

  • Any and all emergency plumbing services that cannot wait
  • Plumbing repairs for the smallest jobs to the most complex work
  • Leak repairs in slabs, for pools and other leakages in plumbing work
  • Drain cleaning that can cause enormous damage to property and pose health risks
  • Water heater, garbage disposal, pumps and faucet fix-ups
  • Showers, bathtubs and toilet repair services

Our plumbers will get to you on time after you make an appointment for a mutually convenient time to conduct the needed repair work. We focus on anything from general repairs to more complicated, time-consuming work. If we aren't on time, we pay you in dollars for every minute that we are late in accordance with our time-keeping software.

We pride ourselves in our years of training, expertise and punctuality to resolve your plumbing issues. In the process of delivering exceptional service, we also take pride in the fact that our pricing guide is available on our website for all to see. We don't load our assessments or quotes because our services are based on trust. This is how we have built a large customer base in the past, how we retain our loyal customers and gain new ones to keep growing our business within the Katy, TX community.

Our Plumber Code of Ethics Equates to High Industry Standards, Pride and Customer Fulfilment

We invest our expertise, labor and pride into the work we do for our customers and our community. That requires quite a few important elements to get the job done right. These elements encompass:

  • Respect for the Law. Our respect is not confined to our local area and community but extends to the law which ensures that the society we live in, is one that is safe. To abide by these laws as a business, we align our business practices with relevant laws to comply with the highest plumbing industry standards that protect our customers, our employees and us as a business. These legal requirements are embedded in our supplier plumber products and services, aimed and offering our customers the level of quality that invites and retains trust.
  • This integrity can be seen in our transparent pricing guides, honest quotes and customer paybacks in cash if we arrive late for an appointment. Customers pay for the quote we give them, so there are no hidden costs that produce nasty surprises. In short, we keep our promises because our plumber teams are highly trained, and come with the right equipment to get the job done.
  • Safety and reputation. These values form an integral part of our work culture. Our plumbers therefore make sure that the business environment we work in is kept clean and safe. This approach to our collective work ethic is a further demonstration of respect, reflecting the reputation and investment in high standards that our company is founded on.
  • Our plumber teams concentrate on providing excellent services, whether in our repairs, system designs, installations or services – our goals are to align our work with the best industry practices and standards required in the plumbing world.
  • Service and privacy. Our high standards encourage customer loyalty and retention, so we aim high and often perform even better than the standards set by ourselves and the industry. Privacy is a critical element of our customer services, so we ensure that we respect our customers and their homes, as we do our own.
  • We are a professional team of plumbers. Nothing is accomplished by individual efforts alone, so teamwork is an essential ingredient of our business success and customer fulfilment.
  • Respect for others. We appreciate our customers. We demonstrate this appreciation by the way we treat them. This culture of appreciation is carried through to how we treat our colleagues and other professionals in our industry.
  • Our competitors drive us to aim ever higher. We respect the motivation that they give us to do better, and we take that encouragement and engage in fair business practices in a manner that aligns with the high standards of the brand we have worked so hard to build as a reputable business.

Who Should You Call When You Need a Plumber?

Our customers have grown as fond of us as we have of them. Since we have worked long, hard and smart to earn their respect, we receive a constant flow of new business from the community. This is a strong testimony of the quality of services we deliver in this area.

No job is too big or small for us to come and fix. Our customers understand this, and therefore don't hesitate to pick up the phone to speak to our friendly staff members to make an appointment.

We don't hesitate to encourage our customers to call us to fix their plumbing problems. We enjoy seeing old faces and meeting new people every day.

Call us at (281) 616-3978 now or fill in our website form for your appointment for your ultimate plumbing solution today!