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The Basic Plumbing Maintenance Every Homeowner Must Know | Tips from Your Richmond, TX Plumber

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Most of us do not really pay active attention to our home’s plumbing maintenance. However, none of us like it when we are suddenly met with a plumbing woe “out of nowhere.” It is true that some professional plumber in the Richmond, TX area will sort out your plumbing woes eventually, but the plumbing system needs to be well maintained if you want to avoid these plumbing woes coming at you in the first place. And maintenance is not a lot of hassle either; some of the simple tips below will make this clear to you.

Don’t Pour Oil or Greasy Stuff Down the Drain

This one is quite simple; in fact, it is nothing more than a precautionary measure. The oil or grease buildup may not be noticeable initially, but as you continue with the practice, little by little, it starts to build up inside the drains. That oil and grease buildup will then go on to clog your pipes and cause some unwanted plumbing issues that you’ll have to deal with. You’ll need to acquire the services of a plumber to appropriately tackle the issue. Try to ensure that no cooking oil or other greasy food find its way down your kitchen drains. You can opt for alternative disposal options such as solidifying the oil and discarding it in the compost bin.

Install a Strainer

Clogs make up one of the most familiar plumbing issues faced by the homeowners, especially those at the shower drains. Soap residue, hair and other debris combine to cause clogs inside the bathroom drains and leave standing water on the bathroom floor, which is a messy scenario to be in. Simply installing strainers across your bathrooms can save you from this plumbing issue. The strainer will filter all the hair and debris that causes clogs inside the drains. In case you have a clogged bathroom drain, call a plumber to fix it for you.

Watch What You Flush

The toilet flush may look like it can take everything, but it wasn’t designed to be that way. There are things you must not flush down your toilet if you want to avoid a clogged bathroom drain. The list of things that cannot be flushed down the toilet is quite simple too; everything besides toilet paper and human waste. Hygiene products, prescription medicines, cotton balls or foodstuff is definitely not meant to go out that route. If you have a clogged toilet every now and then, there could be other reasons too. Acquire the services of a plumber to look into the issue, as a backed-up toilet can lead to dirty water entering your house, which itself is a cause of disease and unhygienic conditions.

Know Where Your Main Water Valve Is

Plumbing is admittedly a complex task that we do not encourage you to try and learn off internet tutorial videos, but it’s essential that you know a few basics, like where is the main water valve is located and what you need to do with it in case of an emergency. For example, if you have a pipe burst situation at hand, even before you call a professional you need to shut off the main water valve to minimize the damage.

Regularly Examine Your Toilet’s Flush Valve Seal for Leaks

Toilet leaks are quite disgusting and ugly to manage, but if you detect them early on, you could save yourself from the more serious plumbing problems that such an issue can cause down the road.

The flush valve seal of your toilet is the usual a culprit behind the leaks. The valve is supposed to keep the water from flowing into the bowl and hold it within the tank. It may malfunction, causing water to continue to seep into the toilet bowl. Often, it cannot even be detected with the naked eye. Acquire the services of a professional if there is a leak in your toilet valve.

Prevent Your Plumbing from Freezing

This may not be a problem in the summer months. However, when the temperatures drop during the other half of the year, this could cause a serious plumbing issue. The water coursing through your plumbing pipes can freeze, and when it does, it can cause the pipes to burst. Acquire the services of a professional plumber to detect all the exposed pipes and insulate them before the winters arrive.

Avoid Harsh Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners may seem like an easy DIY fix to your clogged drains; however, they are notoriously harmful to the wellbeing of your plumbing pipes. They corrode and damage the insides of the pipes, making them more susceptible to leaking and breaking in the future. Another issue with these kinds of cleaners is that they contain toxic chemicals. Now, heavy-duty cleaning does require the use of these chemicals, but their toxicity is bad for humans. If you use these chemicals around kids, then there’s a chance that the fumes can be harmful to them. In any case, you should avoid these chemicals, even as a short-term DIY fix.

Therefore, avoid using these at any cost. You should instead acquire the services of a professional plumber in the Richmond, TX area to take care of the clogs.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg

If you stick to some of the maintenance principles above, you will not have to face plumbing issues that frequently. However, it is important that you acquire the services of a professional plumber in the Richmond, TX area whenever you do and avoid any DIY misadventures. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, with its 24/7 emergency services, and an extended list of satisfied customers, is definitely that plumber that you can count on for your regular plumbing maintenance, as well as any plumbing emergency. Acquire our impeccable plumbing services if you ever require any plumbing related help in the Richmond, TX area.