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Situations That You’ll Need a Plumber’s Services | Richmond, TX

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Texans are generally quite keen to take up their own repair work around the house. However, plumbing is a different ball game altogether. The prevalent myth that many plumbing tasks can be performed with the help of a few YouTube tutorials can be easily dispelled when you’re met with some of the plumbing situations that we will cover below. These will necessitate that you acquire the services of a professional plumber right away. Let’s go over some of the most common situations one by one.

When You Have a Rapidly Leaking Water Supply Line

It’s one of the classic situations that call for a plumber’s visit. A burst water supply line can lead to major flooding throughout your property. Although it may not be common, when it does take place occasionally, you need to act swiftly. You definitely will have to call in a professional plumber in the Richmond, TX area on this one and there are no other ways about it. However, before you do, there’s one thing that you must to in order to minimize the water damage caused by the plumbing fiasco: shutting off the main water supply to the house. Once you’ve cut off the water supply to the house, call in a professional to fix the leak and install the new piping.

When There Is No Water in the House

This may sound like we’re being overly paranoid; so what if the water runs out, right? Well, there are instances that desperately call for a plumber’s attention even if it doesn’t seem like a disaster yet, and this could be one of those. Check if there is a shortage of water throughout the entire house. Make sure that it’s not localized in a single bathroom or sink, and there’s no water coming through both the hot and cold water taps. If that’s the case, it is possible that you have a burst in the main line that runs from the water meter across the street and into your house.

The water that is intended to be supplied to your place is being diverted due to the leak. Call in a professional plumber who knows the lines and connections around Richmond, TX to fix the issue for you.

When There’s a Rapid Drainage Line Leak

A drainage line leak is a serious situation. First, it is contaminated water that is leaking through the drainage line, which can cause the worst forms of water damage and potential health hazards. Secondly, the drainage line extends beyond the sink cabinets or other accessible spots, so there’s not much that you can do about it with your DIY approach. Usually, these pipes are buried behind the walls, or underneath the floors and only a professional will be able to get to the root of the issue with the help of the right tools and the requisite plumbing knowledge. So give a decent plumber a call right away and acquire his services to minimize further damage.

When You Have a Sewer Line Leak

A blocked or damaged sewer line will often give out signs indicative of it. You may come across a pool of smelly, murky water in your yard or notice a patch of mushy soil. There can be signs of it indoors as well; things such your bathtub or sinks filling up with sewage or wastewater. This is a serious plumbing issue that is not to be taken lightly. It may not cause water wastage and overcharged bills, but it has the potential to expose you and your household to health hazards. Furthermore, if you continue to ignore such an issue, you will expose your property to serious water damage. Therefore, you have to enlist the services of a skilled plumber who will dig up the sewer line, identify where the leak may be, and then fix the issue.

When the Heater Is Acting Up

If the smell of gas in the house is not originating from a known source, this should ring the alarm bells for you right away. A gas leak from the heater is a very likely scenario when you’ve ascertained that the smell is not coming from any of the other fixtures. The flame sensor or the thermocouple could have malfunctioned, allowing the gas to leak. This is definitely not one of those DIY opportunities as this exposes both you and your property to serious damage and harm. So make that call to a skilled plumber who can look into the matter and fix it for you. In the meantime, do make sure that you open up all the windows and doors of the house and let the air flow in to get rid of that gas buildup inside.

Even when it’s something other than the gas leak from the heater, it is best that you acquire the services of a professional to take care of things for you as the heater is a delicate fixture and the complex connections of pipes leading up to it are best left in professional hands.

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