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Useful Tips from Your Plumber That Every Katy, TX, Homeowner Should Know

Useful Tips from Your Plumber That Every Katy, TX, Homeowner Should Know
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Homeowners ought to have plumbing skills at their fingertips to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to dealing with minor plumbing problems. Also, it's imperative that you take care of the tiniest of plumbing issues, including dripping faucets, which contribute to the 10,000 gallons of water that go to waste every year. With that in mind, every homeowner, including the residents of Katy, TX, should have some plumbing tips in mind, some of which are discussed below.

Invest in a Plunger

A plunger is a must-have tool in every home since it can clear clogs in kitchen sinks, toilets, and drains. It uses the principle of suction and compression to suck any materials clogging the drains, hence loosening them and creating a smooth passage for water. You want to find one that has a sturdy rubber force cup and strong stick that won't break under pressure. You never know when you may need one of these bad boys.

Sometimes, plungers may fail to do the trick leaving you stuck with a clogged drain. At this point, call an expert plumber who's skilled in unclogging drains.

Dealing with Hard Objects Down the Drain

At times, your child's favorite toy may find its way into the drainage system. Such objects may get stuck in one position and may not budge even when you try flushing it out using pressurized water. In such a case, using a plunger will make the situation worse since it'll force the object to cause blockage further down the drain.

A wet-dry vacuum is a tool that'll aid you in such a situation. It works by sucking the object using a greater air force as opposed to water and has a higher chance of removing such objects. Plus, it helps you prevent water wastage. If your drainage remains blocked after trying this, consider seeking the services of professionals specialized in dealing with drainage problems.

Garbage Disposal Do's and Don'ts

To be on the safer side and avoid clogging your garbage drain time and again, you should carefully review the manufacturer's manual to know what foods you may drain through the disposal. Nevertheless, some foods such as starch and coffee grains as well as grease and cooking oil should never be dumped in a garbage drain. Starchy foods tend to mix with water and expand, hence blocking the drainage system. On the other hand, oils tend to solidify quickly and would probably clog the pipes.

Homeowners experiencing problems with their garbage disposal should seek the services of experienced plumbers. If you're living in Katy, TX, you're in luck since there are numerous such plumbers.

Flush Toilets Are Not Trash Cans

Do you fall into the category of people who flush disposable diapers, paper towels, cotton swabs, or wet wipes? If so, you should refrain from such behavior since it may cause unpleasant drainage problems. There's the notion that wet wipes are biodegradable, but it may take a long time for that to ever happen. A few seconds of clogging your toilet could eventually cause a huge and costly drainage mess, so it'll be worth the effort to throw such material down the trash can.

Of course, it may be difficult to regulate everyone who uses your toilet, so if you ever experience severe blockage due to such material, expert plumbers are the people you should call.

Shut-off Valves Are Important Appliances

Sometimes, you may need to carry out some maintenance work in your toilet or kitchen sink pipes, and if the water's flowing, it may get really messy. This is where shut-off valves come in handy. They are useful in controlling the amount of water that flows through taps, toilets, or drainage lines. It's paramount that you know the location of the main shut-off valve so that you drain water before working on your pipes.

In some houses, shut-off valves are located inside while others such as condominiums may have shared ones outside. In the latter case, you should conduct due diligence on the steps you can take if you need to cut down water flow and in most cases, your local plumber will know what to do.

Take Good Care of Your Water Heater

Water heaters are some of the equipment susceptible to damage, and you may need to call your plumber time and again to conduct repairs. To maximize your water heater and save up on energy costs, the first thing you ought to do is check the temperature of the thermostat. Ensure that the temperature is not too high. For instance, the ideal water temperature should be around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This may be beneficial to kids and seniors with hot water sensitive skin.

Insulating Water Heater Tanks

This is another plumbing trend that has taken the market by storm. Insulation of water heater tanks makes water remain hot for longer and saves up on energy bills, therefore making the process eco and pocket-friendly. You may check whether your water heater is insulated and if not, you may simply DIY and save up to 16 percent of water heating costs. However, if the process seems daunting, you may always have a plumber on call to fix plumbing issues such as this one.

Be Careful Not to Puncture Pipes

You may want to drill holes in your walls for whatever purpose. However, you may create a major plumbing disaster if you do so in the process. Some pipes are fixed behind walls or floors, so the next time you want to drive nails through your home, you ought to ensure that you find out whether any pipes run through such areas. You can do this by using endoscope inspection cameras. If you accidentally drill a hole in a pipe, you should immediately call a plumber to fix the issue before all hell breaks loose.

A Reliable Plumbing Company 

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