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Things Your Rosenberg, TX Plumber Says You Should Never Do

Things Your Rosenberg, TX Plumber Says You Should Never Do

Are you looking for tips and tricks that are going to help you keep from needing a plumber in Rosenberg, TX? Well then, you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk about some of the most important things you should not be doing if you want to keep those repairs to a minimum. And you may be surprised by some of these (while others may not be so surprising at all). No matter what, you want to make sure you start making some changes to save yourself some money.

  • Using Chlorine Tablets

These tablets are often touted as a way to clean your toilet and to keep it smelling fresher at the same time. The truth is these tablets could be causing a whole lot of trouble and they start by damaging the flushing system. In fact, they can start to disintegrate the flushing system, which means that the flush valve gets stuck and you aren’t able to flush the toilet. Plus, you’ll need a plumber to replace the system.

  • Storing Items Under the Sink

Many people store small items like a trash can or bottles of cleaner under their sink but it’s important to avoid this as much as possible. The problem is anything that bumps up against the pipes under that sink could damage them or dislodge them. If that happens then you could find yourself with serious problems because the pipes won’t actually clear the way they should.

  • Flushing Items Down the Toilet

Your toilet is only for toilet paper and human waste materials. You should never put anything else into it. Even bandages, flushable wipes, floss and hair are dangerous to put into your toilet. These items should always go into the trash because putting them in the toilet could clog it or cause these items to get into the main water supply. Neither of those is going to be a good idea for your Rosenberg, TX home.

  • Trying to Do it Yourself

DIY tasks are definitely not a good idea when it comes to plumbing. Instead, focus on some of the minor things like arts and crafts. Never take on an extensive plumbing job. Instead, you want to make sure that you hire a professional plumber to take care of these problems. If you don’t, you could end up causing a bigger mess and bigger problems than you thought and you’ll need to hire a Rosenberg, TX plumber anyway.

  • Dumping Grease Down the Drain

Many people mistakenly believe that the kitchen garbage disposal is for anything and everything you want to get rid of. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. You need to avoid certain materials and one of those is any type of grease or animal fats. They can coat the inside of your disposal and stick to other particles, which creates clogs in your drain.

  • Ignoring Frozen Pipes

If your pipes tend to freeze you absolutely need to be paying attention to how to keep it from happening again. If you’re ignoring this problem then you’re definitely in for a whole lot more trouble as the cold weather hits. Your plumber would tell you to leave water dripping (just dripping) from the faucet to make sure that the pipes don’t freeze again. This keeps something flowing through, which makes sure the pipes don’t get too cold.

  • Driving Over Your Septic Lines

If you have a big vehicle (or really any vehicle) or if you have a large tractor or anything else you should avoid driving it over the area where your septic lines are. If you don’t you could actually collapse these lines and that’s going to cost you a whole lot to get fixed. You don’t want any part of that process. That means you need to know where the septic lines are and you need to know how to drive across your property without coming into contact with them, if you even need to drive across.

  • Dropping Everything in Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal isn’t really intended to clean up after your meal. You shouldn’t be throwing a whole lot of food scraps and waste in there. Really, it should only be used for the little bits of food or debris that come off your dishes when you’re doing the dishes (and even that can be too much). You should be cleaning your plates in the trash can and using the garbage disposal as little as possible so you can keep it running like it should.

  • Ignoring General Maintenance

Have you been getting your drains cleaned by a plumber? Have you even thought about general drain cleaning when there’s no problem? If you haven’t then you’re definitely setting yourself up for problems. General maintenance makes sure you’re not going to have to worry about more serious issues (or at least, it makes it less likely they’ll occur). Your plumber definitely wants you to call and schedule a checkup, regularly.

  • Ignoring Water at the Base of the Toilet

Even if it just seems like a little water or there doesn’t seem to be a major problem water at the base of your toilet is a huge deal. It means that water is coming from somewhere that it shouldn’t and that it’s soaking into your floors and potentially into the subflooring in your home. That’s definitely not going to be a good thing for your household and it could be dangerous over time. You should be calling a plumber if you notice water pooling anywhere.

Make sure that you know what’s going on in your house at all times and that you’re contacting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg whenever you notice something strange. Your plumbing is an important part of your home and knowing when you should call a plumber is going to be an important step in the process. Make sure you pay attention to each of these tips and treat your Rosenberg, TX house the way you want it to keep working for you. It doesn’t take a whole lot of extra work.