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Does Your Water Heater Need Repair? | Rosenberg, TX

Does Your Water Heater Need Repair? | Rosenberg, TX
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No one wants to come home to a large puddle in their basement or wake up to a cold shower, but if your water heater breaks down you very well may. Water heaters only last for so long without needing repair or replaced, but if you are observant you don't have to be surprised when it comes time to call in an expert for water heater repair.

There are a few telltale signs that your water heater is on its way out or needs water heater repair that you can catch without much technical knowledge. Knowing what to look for can save you from a plumbing emergency and may even save you from shelling out a lot of money on a replacement. The quicker you act the more likely you will only have to pay for water heater repair. Here are a couple of signs that it is time that your water heater may be failing.

Your Water Is Looking a Little Rusty

Rusty water indicates one of two things: your water heater is rusting or your pipes are rusting. If you notice that the rusty water only comes from the hot side then there is a good chance that your water heater is rusting on the inside of the tank. There is also a good chance in this scenario that it is going to start leaking soon so you should bypass water heater repair and start budgeting for a new tank altogether.

On Occasion Water Appears Around the Tank

It can be very confusing if you sometimes notice water around the hot water tank but at other times don't. You may question the source of the water and think mistakenly that it must be coming from another source like a basement wall leak. However, occasional leaking around the hot water tank can actually indicate a fracture in the tank.

As part of the heating process, the metal slightly expands and if a fracture has occurred then a bit of water may leak out. When the cycle ends the metal cools and the metal returns to its previous size closing the slight fracture. Over time this small fracture will deepen and could eventually burst so if you suspect there is a fracture it's time to start thinking about a new water heater in Rosenberg, TX.

Before buying a new water heater, have your local plumber come out and make sure that the leaks are not originating from the connections or fittings on the exterior of the tank. It is possible also that the pressure overflow pipe is responsible for slow leaks. These are small things that a water heater repairman should be able to fix quickly and cheaply so you want to rule them out before replacing the entire unit.

Your Water Heater Is Simply Old

Although it's not something most homeowners want to think about, an old water heater is one that is waiting to die. Water heaters can only last for so long, and technicians are limited sometimes when it comes to water heater repair. In cases of rusting due to age or simple machine malfunction, sometimes replacement is the only water heater repair option in Rosenberg, TX.

If you are unaware of the age of your water heater, look for the serial number which is displayed on the manufacturer's sticker. You can usually find this somewhere along the top of the water heater. This is trick because the serial number does not look like a date, but tells you one nonetheless. It may look something like H024578494. The first letter represents the month. Since H is the seventh letter in the alphabet, this serial number stands for the seventh month which would be July. The next two digits are the year, so in this case 2002.

Water heaters tend to have a ten year lifespan, so once you start getting closer it's wise to proactively replace it instead of waiting for a large leak that may cause water damage to your home. Younger models that have needed constant water heater repair are also indicating that they have reached the end of their lifespan as well.

Your Water Heater Has Started Rumbling

Water heaters that are functioning properly should not make any noise. If you have started to notice a rumbling noise coming from your water heater it is either haunted or sediment is starting to build up in the bottom of the tank. Most likely it's the latter. The problem with sediment buildup is that the continual heating and reheating of the matter causes it to harden.

Once it becomes harden, you hear rumbling or other loud banging noises coming from the tank. This is a clear sign that the days of your water heater are numbered, because even the best water heater repair service man or woman in Rosenberg, TX cannot remove it.

Even if your water heater continues to function it will become less efficient and use a much larger amount of electricity or gas to heat a lesser amount of water. You may notice that your utility bills start to increase without any other clear indication of why. The longer you allow this situation to occur, the more damage will occur until the sediment wears down the tank and holes start to form.

Everyone prefers to be told that they need water heater repair over a new water heater, but sometimes the best solution is a replacement. Being proactive about the situation will save you money in the long run as well as a lot of hassle. If you notice any of these signs call a Rosenberg, TX plumber immediately for advice and help with your new installation.

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