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Commonly Drained Items That Could Have You Calling for Drain Cleaning Service | Sugar Land, TX

Commonly Drained Items That Could Have You Calling for Drain Cleaning Service | Sugar Land, TX

Do you know the things that you shouldn’t be putting into your garbage disposal in Sugar Land, TX or any other drains in your home? If you don’t then you absolutely should because some of these items could be causing a whole lot of damage without you even realizing it. We’re going to talk about some of the things that people are putting into their drains all the time and just why they’re actually causing a whole lot of harm for you and for others.

1.  Chemical Solutions

Chemical products sound like a great idea because we hear how they’re going to break down grease and how they’re going to clean clogs out of your drains. The truth is, they can cause damage to the pipes themselves and that could turn into a much more serious issue. In many cases they’re not really doing much about the clogs either. Sure, they might work in the short term, but in the long term you could find that you have even more problems than anything. Instead, you should be calling for drain cleaning service in Sugar Land, TX if you feel like your drains are clogged.

2.  Grease & Fat

Grease and animal fat are definitely two products you do not want to put down your garbage disposal. The main reason is that they start out as a liquid, but they very quickly solidify, which can clog the pipes and also cause other materials to stick to these ones. As a result, you end up with a large clog that doesn’t go away until you call a drain cleaning service to take care of it. And no amount of chemical cleaners will help with these either.

3.  Fibrous Materials

Items like celery, corn husks and asparagus have fibrous strings that can become wrapped around things like the disposal blades. When that happens you can end up with serious damage to the garbage disposal and also a lot of damage to other mechanical workings in the disposal that require a drain cleaning service. The pieces can also become lodged throughout the pipes. All of these things can result in your disposal not working properly or even overworking and overheating, which can permanently cause it to break down. That’s going to need even more extensive drain cleaning service to take care of.

4.  Fruit Pits

The pits of different fruits are actually extremely hard and when you put them down your garbage disposal the blades can break or get stuck in the pits. This can cause a blockage, cause your disposal to break or cause the blades to break off. No matter which of these happens, it’s definitely going to be a problem for you to continue using the disposal without calling a professional drain cleaning service to take everything apart and see what the damage actually is. Even if the blade manages to get through the pit, they can clog the drain further along or the blades could be damaged.

5.  Rice & Pasta

These two items actually swell up when they’re exposed to water. That’s what happens when they’re cooked and it’s how they get to the right state to eat. When you put them down your garbage disposal they can actually swell up with the proximity to all of that water. What that means is you have a big, clogged mess somewhere in your drain where it can either cause a complete blockage or it could continue to rot and break down, causing a foul smell as well as the growth of bacteria and more that definitely needs a drain cleaning service.

6.  Bones

Animal bones are something you absolutely want to avoid because they’re so solid. Now, if you’ve cooked the product and then put the bones down the disposal it can be worse in some ways because they can break, chip and then become lodged in the disposal or in the pipes if they manage to make it through. They tend to be too large to make it all the way through the pipes. They can also cause damage all the way from the disposal through the pipes, which means you’re best just to avoid putting them in the disposal altogether. You never know what could happen and you’ll need serious drain cleaning service.

7.  Nuts

These may not seem like a problem, but when you turn nuts into any kind of nut butter they’re actually put into a food processor where they’re ground into a paste. When you put them into your Sugar Land, TX garbage disposal you’re actually doing the same thing. You’re grinding them down and they turn into that same type of sticky paste. It’s definitely not something you want in your disposal because even if it makes it through, you’re going to have that paste working its way through your drain and definitely getting stuck.

8.  Paint

Paint is actually really bad for your drains because as it is exposed to air it starts to harden. That means you end up with more than just that sticky mess coating your pipes. When you initially pour the paint down you’re going to have that paint sticking all the way down the sides of the pipes and coating them. Then, it starts to harden and you’ll end up with a big mess that creates a true clog that definitely doesn’t go away without some serious drain cleaning service. This is even more important if you’re using a straight paint or latex or oil-based paint. You can mix it with a lot of water and get it through the drain, but it’s best to dispose of it in other ways so you don’t need that drain cleaning service.

No matter what your plans, you should keep an eye on this list of items that are definitely not designed to go down your garbage disposal. If you haven’t been paying attention to how these items can affect your disposal or your drain it’s definitely a good time to start thinking about it and to figure out how you’re going to keep your drains free of clogs and working right. Your Sugar Land, TX home definitely deserves it.