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Common Problems Plumbers Take on in the Fall and Winter | Sugar Land, TX

Common Problems Plumbers Take on in the Fall and Winter | Sugar Land, TX

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For residents of Sugar Land, TX, finding any plumbers to come out in the dead of winter can get difficult, since it's the time of year that many problems start to pop in the form of pipe, water heater, and septic tank issues. If you take on preventative measures, however, and remain vigilant for these signs you're in need of plumbers, you can save a lot of hassle, and a lot of money.

Clogged Drains

Not only do the fall and winter months put a greater strain on your Sugar Land, TX home's plumbing, but the holidays themselves may actually be the cause of your drains suddenly clogging. With guests visiting your home combined with the colder weather, you have the potential to overload your normally underused plumbing fixtures. Before the holidays, call your local plumbers to come out and unclog your drains to avoid a sudden flood in your home. You can also consult with your local plumbers to perform regular inspections to check your toilet, sink or shower for drains that may be getting clogged.

Leaks in Your Water Line

While your water line can leak because of your pipes freezing, then bursting open, a water leak before your home experiences below freezing temperatures can be extra dangerous to your pipes. This is especially true if the pipes in your home are older, and more prone to corroding or developing holes. The most common occurrence in the fall or winter is the leak leads to water freezing throughout your home, potentially leading to multiple breaks and holes throughout your plumbing. It's a good idea to take preventative measures by calling your local plumbers and doing a thorough check up on your pipes, just to save yourself the hassle from calling them after the pipes burst in several areas of your home. Not only can the leaks get larger, but if they happen close enough to the ground level of your home, they can do expensive damage to the foundation of the home itself. Remember to do yourself a favor, and protect your home by identifying these problems before they get to be too bad.

Frozen Pipes

For Sugar Land, TX residents that may not be aware, whether or not your plumbing is mostly internal or external, your pipes can freeze overnight. As soon as the local temperatures get to be freezing, get your plumbing systems checked for any of the signs of freezing, such as a sudden rise in your water bill, or a slight cracking in your pipe, that may soon turn into a full blown pipe burst. Plumbers recommend keeping the system flowing including turning on a faucet slightly so water moves through your pipes, moving water means it can't freeze as easily. If your plumbing freezes, or a pipe bursts, turn off the water to your home, and call your local plumbers. Not only can frozen pipes damage your home, they can damage the foundation your home rests on, potentially causing a slab break, or other terminal problems you have to get fixed later on.

Water Heater Failure

It's always a bummer to wake up and go to take a hot shower before you go to work, when you suddenly find your shower's colder than usual. In the event your shower isn't putting out enough, or any hot water, this can be a sign that your water heater has failed. Most water heaters have a lifespan of about ten years, after which it should be regularly inspected by your local plumbers, and then replaced. These units usually go out in the fall and winter because they're working harder to heat naturally colder water, undergoing more stress than they're used to in the summer. If you have an older system, keep an especially closer eye on it, but always check if your water heater's working as well as normal, or else it failing in the dead of winter can cause problems on its own by not letting your pipes heat up as much.

Bursting a Septic Tank

While the freezing of your pipes is already a problem, either the line from your Sugar Land, TX home to your septic tank can freeze, or the tank itself can, causing a potentially catastrophic leak or burst. A septic tank is a more serious issue since it creates a dangerous health risk, therefore it requires a more immediate solution. Have your local plumbers perform regular checkups on your septic tank, and the line between it and your home. Also consult with your local plumbers on if its a good idea to install insulation materials around your septic tank to prevent it from freezing, as there's no constant water flowing to it normally like with water pipes, or your water heater. Make sure your tank gets cleaned out before the winter weather gets to below freezing.

Slab Breaks

While a break in the foundation has been mentioned earlier in this guide, actually detecting one, either due to a problem with your plumbing or some external problem, is one that can save your home, and a mountain of debt to your water/repair company. For many homes in Sugar Land, TX, you'll find that your house sits on a poured concrete foundation, and the plumbing in your home is simply integrated into the concrete, typically with the concrete poured around the pipes themselves. In the event that, heavy rains in October, a pipe leaking, or something else causes the soil beneath your home to shift, the weight on the entire slab can become uneven, causing fractures to form in the rock itself. This is frustrating to deal with, both because it can cause massive damage to your property, but also because in its more minor shifts, it causes microfractures in the pipes beneath your home, these microfractures potentially being the cause in wasted water, or a pipe freezing due to below freezing temperatures having new access to your home's plumbing. Detecting a slab break when the problem's bad is easy, as your doors will no longer close properly, or your windows will appear warped and potentially cracked. Detecting a minor slab break can be more difficult, so contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to make sure the problem is fixable is an important step to recovery.