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How Gas Leaks Put You in Great Risk and How Gas Line Repair in Katy Can Save You!

As stated by the American Chemical Society (ACS), up to 17 people a year can die from leaking gas in their homes. A gas leak is a severely dangerous problem. It puts you at great risk to many things such as falling ill or even an explosion! Gas leaks often go undetected till it is too late – some noxious gasses are both colorless and odorless so you never know what is causing you to feel sick. That is why, when buying a new home, gas line repair in Katy should be regarded as an utmost priority.

Sometimes it happens that people are away from home when all of a sudden they find out their home is on fire. That is also one of the dark realities of gas leakages in your home. This can have severe costs – not only to human life but also financially. Gas line repair in Katy is also not a cheap option, but the homeowner must think about what is more important to them, their family’s safety or their bank account.

In this article, we will try and give you some more exposure on this topic so that you know when gas line repair in Katy is needed.

What Is Natural Gas and How Do Leaks Happen?

Natural gas is the one gas we have the most exposure to in our everyday lives. It has a multitude of purposes both inside our homes and outside it. It is used in everyday tasks such as running your car or for lighting your stove. It can be used in factories for running big industrial machines and even in the running of your HVAC system. Natural gas is made up of gas called methane. Methane is produced naturally inside the earth and even in things like manure. As you can see, this gas has a lot of uses, which make it a great tool, but alongside it come to various risks and dangers too. So whenever you need a gas line repair in Katy, you have to keep in mind the dark side of it.

It is very easily combustible. You might have heard of natural gas explosions that occur when offshore oil companies are digging for oil. That is why it is important to call a professional technician when you need gas line repair in Katy.

How Does a Leak Occur?

A natural gas leak can occur much more easily than you would think. It can be caused by something as simple as moving an appliance the gas line is connected to. This is because gas lines are extremely easy to break. Since a leak can occur so easily, another gas is added to natural gas. This other gas is called Mercaptan. It is known for being extremely harmless to humans but it has such a putrid smell that you can’t help but notice it. That is why you get the smell of rotten eggs when you smell natural gas in your homes. This smell is supposed to indicate that you have a leak and want urgent gas line repair in Katy.

Other times a leak can also occur due to natural disasters. Countries have many gas lines that run underneath the ground – the easiest way to deliver gas to homes and factories. During a natural disaster such as an earthquake, it is possible these lines can get damaged. If that does happen, there can be a major leak of natural gas that can even lead to explosions. In such cases, a gas line repair in Katy is a must!

The Health Dangers a Leak Poses

When natural gas leaks, especially inside homes, it isn’t always easy to detect them. That’s why people are often subject to various health risks unbeknownst to them. One major and extremely deadly gas is called Carbon Monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide is produced when natural gas is burned. So there really is not a way to stop them. That is why extreme caution is advised to people when they are using utilities that utilize gas. For example, it is recommended to never leave an unattended stove burning for too long or never to sleep in a car which is also turned on. More so, people are advised to never attempt repairs themselves of complex machines. Machines such as your HVAC system at home utilize gas and hence give off Carbon Monoxide too. That is why technicians undergo extreme training before they are allowed to deal with such machines and to provide best gas line repair in Katy.

Some other health dangers include

  1. Damage to your skin
  2. Inhalation can cause dizziness, nausea and fatigue
  3. Leaked gas in a closed room can lead to asphyxiation

What To Do When There Is a Leak

The best thing you can do when you suspect a leak is to call a professional technician. As previously stated, these technicians are thoroughly trained and know exactly what to do in any situation. They even know the severe health risks they are exposed to and that is why carry they carry the right equipment too.

Another way to prevent leaks in your home is to make sure you have high-quality pipes and lines installed. This is a preventative measure that will reduce the chance of an unexpected tear occurring.

The best thing to, however, is to have regular maintenance done. Maintenance is the one thing you can do to ensure that all the pipes, lines and even the appliances are working in order. During maintenance and gas line repair in Katy, a technician can detect if something is wrong a fix it too.

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