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Troubleshooting Tips You Can Follow Before Getting a Water Heater Repair

Troubleshooting Tips

Imagine getting up early for work one day. You are all excited for office and are geared up for what is to come your way. You walk into the shower and are singing your songs in the morning. However, as soon as you open the shower you are greeted by the forgotten bite of the cold water in the morning. You are agitated to the core and know that the water heater has gone faulty and needs a water heater repair in Rosenberg, TX.

Now, you shouldn’t just go poking your hands in the water heater looking for repair options. Water heaters have complex systems in place, and simple neglect in your part can prove to be extremely costly. Knowing this, it is imperative that you only troubleshoot the water heater if you are sure of what you are doing.

Meddling with the water heater, without proper knowledge of what you are doing can put you at a significant health risk. Not only do you need to be sure of what you are doing, but you have to make sure that you study the tips that we have mentioned below.

While you can get the water heater to work temporarily with the help of these tips, it is best that you get a professional plumber to perform a water heater repair in Rosenberg, TX. You cannot neglect the need for proper repair and should keep the need for one in mind while working on your water heater.

If You Have a Gas Hot Water Heater

The tips you follow can be different based on the kind of water heater you have. While some people have a gas water heater, others have an electrical water heater. You can follow these tips if you have a gas water heater with you;

Check Pilot Light

The first thing you need to do when your water heater goes out of order is to see the pilot light. The pilot light should be well lit and should be giving a signal that the water heater is working perfectly fine. The pilot light can often get blown out a window draft or any other equipment in the case of gusty winds.

If the pilot light is turned off or isn’t lit, you can take the liberty to turn it off and switch it on again. However, do not feel inclined to do so if you are not comfortable with it. Relight the pilot light and see how it is working. If the pilot light isn’t working, you should immediately call for a water heater repair in Rosenberg, TX. The water heater repair becomes a must if the pilot light isn’t working fine, which is why you shouldn’t wait a bit before going for such a repair.

Check the Thermocouple

Once you have checked the pilot light, you can get to check the thermocouple to make sure that all things related to it are working fine. Make sure that you don’t smell any leakage of gas near the area. Gas leakages can be extremely hazardous, which is why you should make sure that you don’t smell one. Call a professional plumber for water heater repair in Rosenberg, TX if you can smell gas leaking from somewhere or if the thermocouple has completely stopped the flow of gas.

You can try your luck at readjusting the thermocouple based on your knowledge, but we won’t recommend the procedure to you. However, if you are readjusting the thermocouple by yourself, make sure that the tip of the thermocouple is lined up with the flame coming from the pilot light.

Check Gas Line

Once you’ve checked all other things, check the gas line to see if everything related to it is operating fine. Gas line issues are common with water heaters, which is why you might need a water heater repair in Rosenberg, TX solely because of a gas line going bad.

Since gas lines are complicated, you wouldn’t prefer getting your hands dirty in one.

If You Have an Electrical Water Heater

Electrical water heaters tend to be different from gas water heaters, which is why the troubleshooting procedure for them is relatively different.

In such cases, you should do the following:

Turn Off and On

To begin with use the age-old method of turning the electrical heater off and on again. You should preferably turn your water heater off for at least 5 minutes and then turn it back on again. Only when the water heater has been back on again for 30 minutes, should you check for warm water. If the water is still not warm, then you need a water heater repair in Rosenberg, TX urgently.

Reboot System

As a last resort, you can try rebooting the entire system by going to the circuit board in your home turning off the switch that you have in place for the electric hot water heater. Once you turn the switch off, wait for some 30 seconds at least, before you turn the system on again. If the button keeps dropping, then the problem might be with the circuit breaker, but if that isn’t the case then you need a water heater repair in Rosenberg, TX.

Only a professional plumber can pull a detailed water heater repair in Rosenberg, TX, so make sure that you get in touch with someone who has performed such repairs before and knows what they are doing.

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