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4 Plumbing Disasters Your Water Lines Can Face Due to Heavy Rainfall | Water Line Repair in Richmond

If you are living in Richmond, you are probably already aware of the problems that heavy rainfall can bring along with it. Homeowners can go through a series of plumbing disasters due to the lack of maintenance or old pipelines. Living in a city with rainfall throughout the year, the risk of stressed water lines and broken pipes increases by more than a hundred percent.

Rain causes stress on water lines and creates plumbing problems for homeowners that can be devastating. Chances are that your grounds get soft due to the constant rainfall. It will also affect the underground pipes. Some of the common problems homeowners in Richmond face include broken pipelines, underwater pipes misalignment, sewer backup, and clogged drains.

We will explain the cause and effect of these problems and how to prevent them. These disasters may also be signs that you need a water line repair in Richmond after or before the period of heavy rain.

1.  Stressed/Broken Pipelines

Constant rainfall throughout the year in Richmond affects the water pipelines. With a downpour that lasts for days, the stressed pipelines can become vulnerable to hold the pressure. Rainfall causes internal and external pressure on the pipelines. If your water pipeline is not strong enough or well maintained heavy rainfall will affect its durability.

Rainfall can impact the water lines rather indirectly as well. The pressure of water on the pipes can cause damage from dislocating the pipes to physically damaging them.

The stress of heavy rainfall is on exposed water lines and underground ones resulting in water damage. Stressed pipelines are vulnerable but treatable. The stress on the water lines may often be unforeseeable and any kind of preparation may not help, but broken pipelines can be repaired or replaced. While getting a water line repair in Richmond, do remember to invest efficiently in long-lasting solutions.

2.  Underground Pipes’ Misalignment

Houses in Richmond are used to of wet soils and ground shifting which directly impacts the underground pipes. An underground water line repair in Richmond is called for when heavy rainfall that continues for days has caused ground shifting and misaligned the underground pipes.

When the soil is saturated with rainwater, it becomes softer shifting the mud and rocks, as a result of which water lines can break. Broken underground water lines can cause dirt and grit to mix with clean water.

Rainfall after a dry spell harms water lines even more. The dry spell causes the soil to absorb the moisture and causes it to expand. When rain falls, the soil shifts its position, hence causing water lines to misalign. Underground water lines can also be dislocated. This may cause other pipes to collide resulting in more damage. The signs of misaligned underground water lines are dirt in water coming from faucets or wet soil even after rain is over.

Underground pipes can be difficult to repair or replace as the process takes long. It can disrupt the quality of life and cause disruption in daily home chores. This is when you need underground water line repair in Richmond which can be done efficiently if the right plumber is assigned the job.

3.  Sewer Backup

Heavy rainfall causes sewer backups and overflow of water, especially in basements. Sewer backups not only cause plumbing disasters but can be hazardous to health as well.

The causes of sewer backups are too much of rainwater due to which sewerage lines overflow. When the sewage line cannot hold any more water, it overflows flooding the gutters or basements. Such overflows may also require you to evacuate the house and undergo disturbing consequences. Sewage water line repair in Richmond is needed when the sewer systems are too old and have not been maintained.

Vulnerable sewage pipes can also cause more serious damage to your houses such as seepage from walls, soil erosion or weakening the building foundation. When signs of sewer backup are seen at your house in Richmond, you must call a plumber for the water line repair in Richmond immediately.

4.  Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are the most common plumbing disaster in Richmond due to the excessive rain. With constant rainfall and wet grounds, mud and dirt can accumulate on the pipes and mix with the water you are using at home.

Rain brings dirt, mud, leaves and various other kinds of debris with it which can enter the water lines and cause water damage. Clogged drains are a common part of water line repair in Richmond and can be done through an affordable and quick process.

Preventing Water Damage

Prevention is better than cure. We all know it is wiser to prevent such plumbing disasters to happen in the first place than to suffer consequences. The best way for prevention is proper maintenance of water lines and prepping for the wet months. Old or vulnerable water lines need to be repaired essentially before the months of June, July, and August as these are the wettest months.

The material chosen for water line repair in Richmond must be one that is durable. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Houston gives you the best options to choose from according to the needs. The materials for exposed water lines and those that are underground both vary accordingly. Consulting an experienced plumber Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg at will help you take the right decision.

And if your water line has already been through a plumbing disaster, don’t worry. We have the solution for that as well!

Who to Call?

The impact of weather on water lines can be severe if not addressed timely.

You can’t do anything to stop Mother Nature but your water line repair in Richmond is just a call away. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg proves with the best plumbing services and understands your needs. We also provide emergency services to cater to your weather-related emergencies. When you think you need maintenance or water line repair in Richmond, just call (281) 616-3978.