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Top Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning in Katy, TX

Professional drain cleaning

Draining systems are an important component of modern homes. They are essential for getting rid of dirty water and keeping our homes clean. Many people in Katy, TX take their draining system for granted. However, they are unaware of how bad it gets when their draining system stops working properly.

A malfunctioning draining system can develop a ton of issues. The most common problems in the draining system result from buildup inside pipes. Usually, it’s difficult to pinpoint where the problem lies in such a system. How professional drain cleaning services in Katy, TX can identify any issues in your plumbing system.

A drain cleaning professional has the expertise to resolve all minor issues. Moreover, these drain cleaning professionals can also prevent serious problems such as pipe corrosion, clogs, and backflow issues.

However, it isn’t easy to identify what problems plague your plumbing system. It can take a homeowner some time to figure out what problem their plumbing system is having. In this article, we will discuss the top five signs that you need professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX.

Blocked Drains

When you see water being pooled around an appliance, it generally means that there is a clog at the entrance of the drain near that appliance. Whenever a pipe gets blocked off completely, that access point will not drain any water.

You can clear these drains by removing the buildup accumulated at their entrance. However, if the clog is deep inside the drain itself, then it’s really difficult to get rid of it. First of all, it’s difficult to determine how deep the hidden clog is in that drain.

After that, removing that clog is another challenge altogether. Some people in Katy, TX think of using chemicals to remove these clogs. However, these chemical agents are corrosive most of the time and can damage the draining system. Therefore, we recommend calling a professional drain cleaning service in Katy, TX to get rid of these problems.


Whenever you see water bubbles rising and falling back into your sink, then it means that your drainage system doesn’t have a clear path in front of it. This also happens with your shower, tub, or anything that’s responsible for draining water.

In such cases, homeowners in Katy, TX will notice that their appliances are back-flowing when they use it. For instance, homeowners in Katy, TX might see water back up in one corner of their kitchen sink while they are wash dishes on another side.

However, it is also possible for backflow to appear in unconnected drains. As a result, people might see water come up in their shower when they flush the toilet.

It can get a bit confusing for homeowners when they see this happen. A professional drain cleaning service, however, knows exactly where the problem is. These drain cleaning professionals can make short work of these problems. Therefore, it’s ideal to call a professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX whenever you see such problems.

Empty or Overflowing Toilet

The water in your toilet bowl and tank comes from the same source. If any blockage occurs in the supply line, then it can stop the flow of water to these components. As a result, homeowners in Katy, TX can suffer from an empty toilet.

In other cases, the toilet can have a blockage I the outgoing drain. When this happens, the toilet doesn’t have any place to flush unclean water. As a result, your toilet starts to overflow and spread filthy water all over your toilet.

Both kinds of blockages can cause serious problems for homeowners in Katy, TX. We advise our readers to take care of these problems immediately and call a drain cleaning professional without wasting time.

Drain Odor

Drain buildup can cause several problems for homeowners in Katy, TX. However, one of the most annoying problems for homeowners is a localized drain odor. It’s true that some drain buildups don’t cause any strange odors to spread in your home. However, the majority of these clogs create an unbearable stench that spread in your home through your drain.

If you can smell an unpleasant smell near a specific appliance, then it means that there is buildup in the drain of this appliance. Usually, such smells originate from bits of rotting food, organic waste, and any other material that blocks your drains.

Most times, these blockages increase the buildup of bacteria in your home. Professional drain cleaning services in Katy, TX have specialized tools that can find out where these blockages are occurring and remove them before they infect your home with unhealthy microbes.

Low Water Pressure

Drain blockages don’t happen in exit points all the time. A drain clog can also form up in your supply line and obstruct the water supply to your home. People might notice that their showerheads or sink faucets are not flowing water as they should.

Most of the time, these blockages are caused by the buildup of natural minerals in your water supply. Other times, rust from different parts of the pipe might accumulate to obstruct water at a certain point. All these issues need an expert eye of a drain cleaning professional in Katy, TX. It’s ideal to call a drain cleaning professional whenever you notice a low water pressure in your supply.

Who Can You Trust?

Blockage in your drains opens up ways for bacteria and mold to spread in your home. Neglecting these drain blockages is both unhygienic and harmful to your family. Whenever you see these problems, call a professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX without wasting time.

Not every plumbing service has the expertise to resolve serious drain blockages in minimal time. We advise our readers only to trust the best drain cleaning professional in Katy, TX for the job.

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