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5 Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning in Sugar Land

Proper functionality of drains is very important. Whether you are using the toilet, running a washing machine, or simply turning a faucet on, the water should drain out quickly. Nobody wants the wastewater to keep standing. That is not just utterly gross, but unhygienic as well.

The cleaning of drains is often overlooked during regular house maintenance, and when the clogged drain finally presents itself, it is already too late. A clogged drain is nothing but a nuisance and a hassle. To save yourself from any trouble when it comes to drainage systems, we recommend that you address the issue as soon the first signs present themselves. The signs that you need drain cleaning in Sugar Land are listed below.

1.        Slow Drainage

To be able to detect a clogged drain at the earliest, you need to look closely. If you observe that your bathtub isn’t emptying completely or is emptying too slowly, or water remains in the dishwasher or the washing machine after the completion of a cycle, you should be alarmed. The first sign that a drain may be clogged is slow drainage. The failure of a drainage system to remove wastewater quickly is one of the most obvious signs that there is a blockage in your drain.

2.        Backing Up of Water

Another sign that your drain is blocked is the water backing up in different parts of your home. You may hear gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet, or you may see water standing in the bathtubs or sinks. The water backing up is another of the obvious signs that your drain is blocked and drain cleaning in Sugar Land at this point should be your utmost priority.

3.        Unpleasant Smell of Sewage

The water waste that goes down the drain flows freely through the drainage system to end up at a disposal site. That’s how things should be, ideally. However, when there is a blockage anywhere in the drainage system and drain cleaning in Sugar Land is overdue, the smooth flow of water waste is disrupted, and the water that is drained or flushed starts building up in the drainage pipelines.

As a result, the unpleasant smell of sewage will build up, which cannot be ignored. This smell is stronger and almost unbearable in warmer months.  If you notice an unpleasant odor of sewage in parts of your home, you should know immediately that your drain is blocked and needs immediate cleaning.

4.        Drain and Fruit Flies

If slow drainage or the sewage smell goes unnoticed, there is one sign that drain cleaning in Sugar Land is needed that just can’t pass by without catching your attention. When a drainage system is blocked, the buildup of garbage, sewage, and waste attracts drainage flies and fruit flies. In the beginning, you may feel annoyed by the fruit flies, but if you don’t do anything about them, they become a health risk. Since they are attracted by the smell of waste that has built up in the drainage pipes, their presence should be alarming. Drainage flies, like fruit flies, are attracted to the smell of accumulated waste in the clogged pipes. Drainage flies can be seen particularly in your bathrooms.

5.        Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds while you drain water waste is yet another sign that you need drain cleaning in Sugar Land. When a drainage pipe is blocked, the water waste either has to pass through narrow paths or has to change its course. This occurrence is accompanied by bubbling or gurgling sounds that are quite audible. If you ever observe such unusual sounds while you flush your toilet or drain water after using a washing machine or dishwasher, your drain is most likely blocked.

When your drain needs cleaning, it is most often accompanied by numerous signs as mentioned above. In order to save yourself from any trouble related to clogged drainage pipes, you need to be observant and vigilant so that you can detect an underlying issue before it gets worse. Why wait for a problem to occur when you can prevent it in the first place?

Cleaning the Drain

If you think that you have a clogged drain, you can call a plumber for drain cleaning in Sugar Land. The drain cleaning procedure usually involves the following activities:

  • Drain cleaning in Sugar Land often involves the use of a plunger. The sink or a tub is filled with enough water that the base of the plunger is immersed in the water. It is placed over the drain and plunged till either the clog breaks or is pulled back out of the drain to let water flow out freely.
  • Most of the times, the drain is clogged due to debris, hair, or other solid matter, but that is not the case every time. Sometimes, the buildup of grease is what causes the drain block. A plumber would pour a suitable drain cleaner for drain cleaning in Sugar Land to dissolve the grease and clear the drain.
  • Chemical drain cleaners may pose a risk to your health and the environment, and that is why a plumber may use non-toxic drain cleaners.

You shouldn’t wait for the drains to get clogged. Drain cleaning in Sugar Land should be made a part of regular home maintenance. Just like you get all other areas of your home checked for damages every now and then, the drainage system should be examined from time to time to ensure that it is not blocked.

Since drainage system is one of the most important parts of any property, you should look for the best plumbing service to ensure that the job is done the right way. If you want services of professional plumbers for drain cleaning in Sugar Land, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is your best bet. To avail their services, give them a call on (281) 616-3978 or visit their website to get all the details you need.