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5 Signs that Indicate You Need Water Heater Repair in Katy

Hot water has now become a necessity in most households. After the advent of water heaters, hot water is not seen as a luxury anymore. It actually plays a central role in our everyday lives. It is used in many household activities like laundry, showers, baths, and dish washing. Given this significance of hot water in our lives, it becomes important to opt for a water heater repair in Katy that will maintain the supply of hot water.

Many people remain ignorant of the signs that indicate that their water heater is deteriorating. This is because they are unaware of the loss they could face if they do not opt for a water heater repair in Katy sooner. Furthermore, many people don’t know what signs indicate that it is time for water heater repair in Katy. If you are unaware of the signs that indicate the need for water heater repair, then here are 5 signs that might help you determine when you need to call for water heater repair in Katy.

1.  Old Water Heater

An easy sign to monitor is the age of your water heater. Water heaters aren’t built to last forever. They have an expected life of 8 to 10 years, during which they should have gone through multiple repairs to keep them functional. The rule of thumb here is that if it is too old, then it is time to opt for a water heater repair in Katy.

Also, you can monitor when you last opted for water heater repair in Katy and make sure that not too much time has passed before your next repair. Most homeowners don’t bother to monitor the age of their water heater and hence don’t know when it is due for a water heater repair in Katy.

2.  Rust on the Inlet Valve

Steel might be a very strong material in terms of strength, but even it has a weakness. Steel can easily rust. This happens when the steel surface corrodes. The inlet valve of the heater is made of steel, and over time, it can rust.

But the inlet valve is not the only thing made of steel. The pipes and tank are also built from steel. So if you want to prevent your water heater from rusting, then watch out for signs of rust before you call for a water heater repair in Katy.

The problem with this sign is that it is not easy to tell whether the rust is being caused by the water heater or the pipes connected to it. But don’t wait till you figure this out and call a professional for water heater repair in Katy as soon as you spot signs of rust.If you don’t address this issue in time, then your water heater might start to leak, which may cause further damage.

3.  Unusual Noise

Another sign that you should be vigilant of is unusual noise from the water heater. If you hear rumbling sounds coming from the tank, then it might be time to call a professional for water heater repair in Katy. This noise might not be heard easily initially, but as the water heater wears out, this noise gets louder and louder, becoming very easy to hear.

This sound might even be louder in homes that use a high quantity of hot water from the water heater, indicating that it is due for a water heater repair in Katy. This sound is heard because sediment has accumulated at the bottom of the water tank.

If this problem is not resolved quickly, it can lead to the water heater becoming inefficient. This will lead to higher bills every month until the water heater is finally repaired.

4.  Water Leakage

If you begin to notice that there are puddles of water accumulating near your water heater after you use it, then there might be a problem. These puddles might be accumulating because water is leaking through the water heater. If the water heater is situated near any sensitive fittings, carpeting or equipment, then there is a high chance that these things might get damaged. To prevent this loss, please schedule a water heater repair in Katy as soon as you suspect a leak.

The leakage, if not fixed quickly, could lead to mold growth, which comes with a whole bunch of other problems. There are many health issues that occur because of mold. Even if all these problems don’t occur, you are still left with a leak that is wasting water and could hurt you in the form of an inflated water bill. To avoid these issues, it is advisable to opt for a water heater repair in Katy.

5.  Water Heater Not Heating

The easiest sign that indicates that your water heater is due for a water heater repair in Katy is when your water heater fails to warm the water. This will easily be discovered when you use the water heater and you find out that lukewarm or cold water is being discharged from it.

You would not want to discover this problem when you urgently need hot water such as when you want to take your morning shower before work. This is because you will not be able to fix it in time to take a hot shower. This is why it is better to be foresighted and regularly opt for a water heater repair in Katy even before your water heater breaks down.

Whom to Approach for Repair?

Most people always face an issue while searching for a reliable professional to do a water heater repair in Katy. This is because there are many inexperienced and untrained individuals offering their services and they can exacerbate the problem further instead of resolving it.

To avoid such individuals, always contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg who only have trained and experienced professionals. They will make sure that all your water heater problems are resolved and you don’t have to face any inconvenient situations. Call now at (281) 616-3978 and book an appointment at your convenience so that they can serve you in the best possible way.