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5 Key Issues with Residential Water Filtration Systems in Katy

Contaminated tap water is not safe for drinking. Water filtration systems in Katy are one of the most commonly used source for clean drinking water. Filtered water is more cost effective when compared with bottled water. It is also more reliable because you are more aware of the process.

When choosing a water filtration system in Katy, it is important to know your water supply. You must also be mindful of your filtered water needs. You must always choose a water filtration system depending upon the size of your family and the contaminants in your water supply. Another important consideration for choosing a water filtration system is compatibility with existing plumbing fixtures and faucets.

The best water filtration system not only removes visible and invisible impurities but also helps in improving the smell and taste of tap water. Water filters also protect your appliances from getting damaged due to hardness of water.

People often choose the filtration systems with most advance features to provide safe and healthy drinking water to their families. However, even the best water filtration systems can have several issues. Some of the most common issues with water filtration systems in Katy are as follows.

Short Warranty Limits

Most water filtrations systems in Katy come with shorter warranties. The typical warranty of a water filtration system in Katy is almost around one year. This is a very serious drawback as even the most advanced and expensive filters can have issues within a year. As soon as the warranty period ends, the contractor does not provide any free service. Any issue which arises will be treated by the contractor and will be charged for by the customer. Shorter warranty period means more cost for the customer.

Before you install a water filtration system in Katy, it is a good idea to do your research. A thorough research about water filtration systems available in the market might increase your likelihood of finding a water filtration system with an extended warranty period.

Persistent Bad Taste and Odor

At times, even the best water filtration systems fail to clear the taste and odor of the water. Most water filtration systems in Katy improve the water quality by removing contaminants. They also improve the taste and odor of the water. However, certain water filtration systems fail to eliminate the poor taste of water.

When you are planning a water filtration system installation in your home in Katy, it is always a good idea to check reviews. Reviews on company website, social media and review websites like yelp.com can help you find the most reliable water filtration system in Katy.

Clogged Filter and Molds

Some of the advanced water filtration systems in Katy are designed to operate without a filter. But most of the water filtration systems have a filter which gets clogged and needs to be replaced. This is the most common issue with water filtration systems in Katy. Tiny particles in the contaminated water supply get trapped in the filters causing them to clog. Clogged filters fail to perform their job effectively. Clogged filters need to be replaced timely in order to get clean water supply.

Molds are also another common issue with water filtration systems in Katy. The moist and warm environment inside the water filter supports the growth of molds. This can seriously hamper a water filter’s ability to clean contaminated water. It can also cause various allergies among children and adults.

High Maintenance Cost

Most parts of a water filtration system in Katy become saturated with contaminants and need to be replaced. This typically includes the water filters and tanks. Regular replacement of filters and tanks is an expensive affair and can cost much to families.

Before you install a water filtration system in Katy, it is always good to check the filter sizes and capacity. Filters with large size can clear up more water without being replaced. You should also check reviews as various companies manufacture high quality filters which can clean larger volumes of water before they get clogged.

Filtration May Strip Beneficial Minerals

Tap water is considered bad for health because it contains contaminants. But it is also a source of important minerals for human body. Certain water filtration systems in Katy use reserve osmosis technique to clear the water. Using this technology, the filtration process might also strip various beneficial minerals from the water. As a result, the water may become clean for drinking but is devoid of most the useful minerals required by the body.

Stripping off important minerals from the water supply is not only bad for your health. But it is also bad for the health of your plumbing fixtures. Water which is rich in minerals protects your pipes and faucets from wear and tear like rusting. Using filtration techniques like reverse osmosis removes essential minerals from your water supply and can increase the wear and tear of your plumbing fixtures. This will eventually increase the maintenance cost for your family.

Solution to Your Filtration Needs

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