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Things That Can Inflict More Damage On An Aging Plumbing System

broken pipe

The induction of technology in plumbing has really improved the way professional plumbers work. Plumbing has grown by leaps and bounds. We now have new and innovative methods of plumbing all around us.

With the growth in technology, plumbers in Rosenberg, TX can now predict and tell factors that impact the aging plumbing system in your home.

Plumbing systems happen to have a definite age, after which they aren’t able to give a good performance. These systems are then vulnerable to a lot of risks, and you have to take care of these risks to ensure that there aren’t any disturbances as such in the flow of smooth plumbing in your home.

The aging pipes in your home must have worked just fine for the entirety of their usage, but they are now going bad because of the pressure that you are exerting on them. Knowing this, it is best that you get the old pipes checked by a plumber in Rosenberg, TX and take the perfect evasive action.

Here we look at some of the things you should look out for if you have old pipes and an aging plumbing system at your home. Call a professional plumber in Rosenberg, TX if the need be.

Tree Roots

When you have trees located within your home, it is best that you be mindful of how close the roots are to the pipes located underground. Underground plumbing in the yard is often exposed to tree roots and can be vulnerable to them.

This can specifically be said about aging plumbing fixtures positioned underground. These aging plumbing fixtures do not really have the kind of tenacity within them to withstand the exposure to tree roots.

If you feel that your plumbing fixtures are aging, remember that you should get the tree roots checked from a professional plumber in Rosenberg, TX to ensure that the tree roots aren’t infiltrating the pipes located underground.

A professional plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg would go through the pipes and give you an update on what is required of you here. They would make sure that the pipes are guarded at all times, and the tree roots diverted to ensure the safety of your plumbing system.

Old pipes exposed to tree roots can burst under the pressure of the roots at any time, leaving you with an extensive repair job.

Such repair jobs are really hard to pull off, because of the fact that it takes a lot of time to reach the root cause of the problem and to then dig out the tree roots. Only a professional plumber in Rosenberg, TX can perform such a job, so leave it on them.


An aging plumbing system is exposed to a lot of rust and deterioration over time. Homes that have the old iron cast rods are exposed to a lot of such deterioration, as these iron cast pipes are prone to rust. Rusty pipes within your home can eventually lead to multiple health issues.

The rust that impacts the pipes is present both on the inside and the outside of the structure. This means that not only does the rust pose a threat to the integrity of the pipes, but it also risks the safety of the water that comes within your house. Cast iron sediments can easily mix with the water and contaminate it for future use.

In the case that you see contaminants present within the water coming into your home, it is best to get a professional plumber in Rosenberg, TX involved and to view the reason behind this contamination. Your plumber in Rosenberg, TX would be able to study the pipe in detail and let you know if a replacement or a repair is required.

Drain Clogs

Your drainage system within your home is an important part of the overall plumbing and plays an important part in keeping the drainage as it is.

Knowing this, the responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the system falls on your shoulders. However, when the plumbing is aging and has crossed the initial years of use, even normal drain clogs would pose a big nuisance.

Not only would drain clogs become more frequent, but they would also lead to a bigger nuisance than before. One of the biggest nuisances associated with drain clogs is that of a sewer backup. Sewer backups can easily turn into a bigger issue because of the accumulation of drain clogs.

A sewer backup usually results in a sudden backflow of sewer waste outside your drain. A sewer backup usually impacts a toilet drain and leads to a messy situation. These sewer backups lead to a foul and pungent odor across your home and also require extensive cleaning.

Mineral Buildup

If you live in a house that has an aging plumbing system, you would soon come to notice that the water pressure is decreasing and isn’t as smooth and flowing as it used to be. The fact that you’re starting to lose water pressure is a direct result of the growing mineral buildup within the water lines.

The building of mineral sediments leaves your water lines without a smooth flow of water, and you would be left rubbing your eyes under the shower, wanting better pressure. Get a plumber in Rosenberg, TX to come over and check the pipes, because only they can clear the pipes for future use.

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