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The Different Ways to Tell If Your Pipes Are Worn out | Plumbers in Katy

Plumber adjusting pipe under kitchen sink

You should keep an eye on the condition of your pipes since they are prone to wear and tear, especially if you are living in a home built a long time back. The pipes of your home will develop problems as the plumbing system ages. If you don’t watch out for problems in your pipes, you could end up having to pay for expensive repairs in the future.

Places that you wouldn’t normally think about checking should be kept an eye on, like basements, crawlspaces, and utility rooms. You should also check for the following signs when looking at your pipes, since they may indicate your pipes need to be replaced or repaired by professional plumbers in Katy:

1.   Tube Corrosion

You will need to replace your pipes because of substantial corrosion if the pipe tubing starts to show signs of flaking or dimpling. The tubing could also be damaged if there is a lot of acid content in your water. Copper pipes that haven’t been used for some time can suffer from corrosion and that could be caused by water reactions in the flux that connects these pipes. If your pipes have got tube corrosion, you will require the expertise of plumbers in Katy to have them checked.

2.   Leakage Problems

You should think about replacing your pipes when you start to notice small leaks developing as that could be an indicator of a bigger problem. It is possible that the pipes are as old as the house and have started to deteriorate. A major sign of a leakage problem is when mildew or mold starts to accumulate on the bathroom walls and other areas in your home. Mold tends to grow in environments that are moist, and a leaking pipe offers the ideal place for it to flourish. You may not even notice the problem if it is hidden behind a wall or underneath the floor.

Spotting mildew in the shower isn’t a big deal but if you have started noticing it on other areas, then you must get in touch with plumbers in Katy. You can’t mistake the musty smell of mildew and mold. If you notice it even after you have scrubbed and cleaned your home thoroughly, you could have a leak.

3.   Stains

If you start to notice discoloration on the walls and stains underneath the sink, you could have a big problem on your hands. For instance, you should check the ceiling of a room that is right underneath a bathroom that is on the second floor. If the walls are stained, then there could be a leak. But if the ceiling looks normal, you should check the walls that are nearby. If there is staining there, it could mean that there is a leak that is farther down the pipe.

You should also look for traces of warping or staining by checking the walls of your bathroom. This will show that the drywall has started to bubble after becoming moist. If this starts to happen, it will generally begin to warp and fall apart. That is when you would require the expert services of plumbers in Katy to fix the leak.

4.   Discolored Water

If the water coming from the sink taps is discolored, you should contact plumbers in Katy immediately. It’s a sign that the pipes have got rust in them. Rust causes the water to harden and taste unpleasant. This makes rinsing soap from your dishes, skin, and clothes difficult.

5.   More Frequent Clogs

It doesn’t matter if you have PVC piping, copper, or a water softener, the dirt, minerals, and other materials will start building up on the insides of pipe walls. Even high-quality pipes will start to corrode once enough time has passed. When minerals start collecting in ledges and grooves caused by corrosion, the problem can worsen. That is when you will need to get in touch with expert plumbers in Katy since they can help resolve the problem.

6.   Trouble Unclogging

You may have older pipes if you’re starting to struggle in clearing out the clogs. If it feels like you can only succeed partially in unclogging a sink or a toilet, despite thoroughly plunging, it could be because the clog is very deep in the old pipe.

7.   Low Water Pressure

Corrosion and mineral in old pipes tend to tighten the waterways that carry water in your pipes. Water will need to work harder to get through constricted pipes and reach the faucets. This reduces the water pressure and makes using the water supply difficult. The water’s flow isn’t consistent or strong, causing the faucet to dribble. Problems with low water pressure can be handled by plumbers in Katy easily.

8.   Higher Water Bill

Apart from wasting water pressure, old pipes that have corrosion will force water appliances, like the washing machine, shower, tub, and dishwasher, to use more water than required. When appliances use up more water, it will result in higher water bills. If you have noticed an increase in your water bill, you haven’t used more water than you normally do, it could be because the pipes aren’t allowing water to reach you easily.

9.   Your House Is Old

It may seem obvious but if you have been living in an old house, it’s possible that the pipes in your home are old as well. If the house was constructed in the 1960s, you must test your water and call plumbers in Katy. Ask them to check the pipes in your home. Keep in mind that pipes that were installed in the 1960s could contain lead. Such pipes should be replaced and removed instantly.

What Should I Do About Old Pipes?

If you’re worried about old pipes, there is no need to panic. You can call in the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to take a look at the pipes. Even if you experience most of the symptoms mentioned above, you may not have to replace the entire plumbing system. It could be due to a dislocation of a utility pipe, a leak underground or a tree root stuck in the sewer line. Whatever the plumbing problem is, you can call our professional plumbers in Katy and acquire first-class plumbing services.