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Your Ultimate Water Heater Repair Specialist | Sugar Land, TX

The water heater is undeniably one of the most important plumbing appliances in all homes across Sugar Land, TX. With this plumbing appliance, you are always assured of a constant flow of heated water for bathing, cleaning, and drinking. Although water heaters can work for decades without showing any signs of malfunctioning, they eventually tend to breakdown when homeowners least expect it and when they need hot water. As much as some minor water heater problems can be fixed with simple tools, attempting to fix your water heater on your own can be disastrous since you can end up ruining the entire appliance without your knowledge. Professional water heater repair is thus needed to fix this important appliance to prolong its usability for many years.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston has been serving residents of residents of Sugar Land, TX for decades. We have been offering them with exemplary plumbing services including water heater repair services. Our plumbers know the common problems with water heaters. They understand the crude reality of lacking hot water in your home simply because your water heater is damaged. Apart from repairing malfunctioning water heaters, they can install and replace both gas water heaters and electric water heaters. They offer both commercial and residential water heater repairs of different models and types.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston, we know for sure our client's total satisfaction is ultimately what has made our plumbing company what it has become today. Our plumbing services are coupled with great customer service, ultimately enabling us to become the leader we are in today's plumbing business. Our personalized water heater repair service and outstanding craftsmanship have consistently placed us ahead of other plumbing firms. Whether it is power vent water heaters, tankless water heaters, electric water heaters or whichever types of water heaters you are talking about, our experts can repair all of them. With our experts plumbers who are experienced and properly trained to troubleshoot a wide variety of water heater problems, Benjamin Franklin of Houston can fix all water heaters damages promptly and without inconveniencing our customers.

Water Heater Repair

Water heater problems are frustrating. The unexpected breakdown of water heater can deny you the hot water that you and your family have been enjoying for almost decades. Luckily, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston Is the Ultimate solution to those challenging water heater issues. Whether you want fixes to your water heater or you want that blockage in your heater unblocked, call us immediately and we will provide the water heater repair services you want. Our plumbers can check through your water heater with high definition cameras, figure out the impending issue and fix it quickly.

They can also add extra insulation to your heater to give you hot water with the right temperature. Benjamin Franklin of Houston has plumbers who can easily replace the heat exchanger and reset the thermostat if needed. If the blower or motor is stuck hence making the water heater noisy, our experts will make the necessary repairs or replacements. Schedule an appointment with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston today and our dedicated experts will diagnose and fix those stubborn water heater problems that have denying you the convenience that comes with having hot water.

Why Choose Us?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston isn't the only plumber in Sugar Land, TX that offers water heater repair services. There are certainly dozens of plumbers out there. Nevertheless, here are some exceptional attributes that have enabled us to beat our competition:

Emergency Services

We provide emergency water heater repair services to help you continue enjoying hot water not withstanding the time of the day. Even if you call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston in the middle of the night, we will dispatch our dedicated water heater experts to your exact location. Apart from emergency services, we also offer same-day water heater services since we understand that water heater problems don't always happen at your most convenient times. As such, we give you the chance to schedule an appointment with us the very day you contact us. From that point, we will embark on diagnosing and addressing your water heater concerns.

Experienced and Background-Checked Experts

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston doesn't work with average or above-average water heater experts. For that reason, we ensure we only include the best, the highly trained and most qualified experts in our team. Besides making sure that we strictly hire the most qualified water heater professionals in our team, we do thorough background checks when evaluating and recruiting our experts. We also offer our staff a continuous training particularly on water heater installations and repair techniques just to make sure we stay ahead of the pack.

Upfront Pricing

Once we evaluate your water heater concerns, we will give you upfront pricing that matches your project. That is vital to ensure that we won't charge you extra costs for our service once our team embarks on fixing your water heater concerns. We honestly work to meet your water heater needs without focusing on charging you extra money. Most importantly, our services are affordable.

Services Specialization

The water heater experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston boast specialized experience in both residential and commercial water heater repair services. There aren't general plumbing technicians but rather experts with a specialty in water heater installation and repair. That places our experts at a vantage point as far as addressing water heater faults is concerned.

A Myriad of Water Heater Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston offers plenty of water heater services namely:

  • Water heater installations and repairs
  • Water heater maintenance
  • Tankless water heaters services
  • Explosion-proof water heaters
  • Water heater maintenance

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston is also a leader in the provision of commercial and residential water heater services.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston is ultimately here to enable you to meet your water heater needs and to ensure your water is providing you with an uninterrupted supply of hot water. Wherever you are in Sugar Land, TX, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston a call for water heater repair services and several other services.