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Shower Habits That Will Ruin Your Home's Plumbing | Insight from Your Trusted Sugar Land, TX Plumber

Nothing feels better than taking a warm bath in your home after a long day of work. Some people may argue that a good night's sleep is better, but best of luck having one without a shower. In any case, we all know the relaxation that comes with a good rinse and scrub.

In the modern age, bathrooms are meant to be our sanctuaries, so do not let yours be the source of your troubles. You might not realize it, but bad shower habits can affect your bathroom plumbing in ways you would never expect. Many shower habits we have accumulated over time may not be good at all.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing have found out that some everyday shower habits are the leading cause of plumbing issues in Sugar Land, TX. Most of us are guilty of at least one of these lousy shower habits. However, if you are not, keep it up. If you are, it is not too late. Let our plumbers walk you through what you need to stop doing, to improve your health and bathroom cleanliness:

Long Hot Showers

Very few of us have not had that meditative, spa-like experience of the long, hot shower. As luxurious as it may sound, long baths with the heat up will tend to cause problems in your bathroom. Although it is not awful to occasionally indulge in that, it is a bad habit if you do it frequently.

Primarily, these kinds of showers can lead to irritation, such as dry and itchy skin. Even our plumbers cannot help with that. Additionally, this bad habit creates the perfect environment for the growth of mold in your shower and the bathroom. This is where our plumbers get involved.

Without proper ventilation, the long showers create enough humidity to support the growth of mold in your bathroom appliances. The continued spread of the fungus might lead to clogged pipes and faucets. To avoid this, make sure to keep a window or door open after your bath. If not, we also don't mind replacing your pipes.

Leaving Your Loofah in the Shower

Although this seems perfectly reasonable, leaving your loofah hanging in the shower when done is a terrible idea for the same reason we looked at above. The humid and warm environment is perfect for the growth of bacteria. Your loofah becomes the ideal home for these microorganisms

Unfortunately, when you rub the loofah on your skin, you expose yourself to these bacteria, which could lead to unexpected visits to your dermatologist. Our plumbers still can't help you with this. It is only right that you wring your loofah dry once you are done showering and store it in a cool, dry place. Antibacterial soap can work too.

Leaving Hair Down the Drain

Clogs! Clogs! Clogs! This is the leading plumbing problem in Sugar Land, TX, based on our plumbers reports. One of the things that can severely damage your plumbing system is blockages in your pipes. This includes hair that accumulates over time.

One small strand is not enough to block your drainage. Right? Well, how about a strand every day for two years. You're right, and it can completely block your drain. If possible, use a drain cover or any other kind of drain stop and then collect your hair once done. This will save you costly fixes that are a result of bad clogs.

If you are already experiencing this kind of problem in this area, no need to worry, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has your back. As stated earlier, our plumbers have enough experience in this field.

Leaving Water on the Floor

This one is just straightforward. Right? You should never leave water sitting on the floor of any part of your Sugar Land, TX, home. Unless it is a swimming pool. Nobody wants to dive into cold hard concrete anyway.

Water collecting on the floor might end up slipping through the cracks reaching your pipes, which may end up rusting. Although rusting is inevitable in this pipe industry, you should not accelerate it. Rusty pipes end up getting weak and might eventually burst. And we all know what that spells out — a full home makeover.

Of course, our plumbers are always ready in case something like this happens. And even though that is our work, we don't want to see you counting massive losses because of something so small. So, always remember to use mats to collect excessive moisture. It will save you in the end.

Ignoring Hard Water Build-Up

Hard water is very irritating to our skin, causing you to spend more on conditioners and moisturizers. However, it affects not only your skin but also the pipes and your bathtub.

Since hard water is composed of many minerals, they may end up forming residue in your pipes and even block the nozzles of your showerhead. The continuous buildup of this residue will lead to—you guessed it right—bursting of the pipes. Yet again, you will need to call in our plumbers to get you Sugar Land, TX, plumbing back in order.

Ignoring Water Back Ups

Whether it is a blob of hair blocking your drains or hard water depositing a dry coat of residue around your showerhead, forgetting water backups amplifies the problem up to ten times. Not forgetting it is costly and can negate your home's insurance.

So if you notice water backing up in the sink, drains, or tub, makes sure it drains permanently.

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