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Drain Cleaning Service in Sugar Land, TX: What to Expect

If you're living in Sugar Land, TX, you might experience a great deal, if not all, of the problems facing every home and business owner on the planet. Whether its bills, rent, a mortgage, or any other related issue, its nothing no one else has never faced before. So why should your plumbing woes be any different?

The professionals at Benjamin Franklin of Houston, TX know just what the residents living in the town of Sugar Land need: good, quality, affordable drain cleaning service right at their fingertips.

If you're looking to clean out your clogged drains, then look no further than Benjamin Franklin of Houston. This branch of the company aims to provide good, quality drain cleaning service for the residents of Sugar Land, TX and other surrounding areas.

The fine plumbing team at Benjamin Franklin understands all too well that your drains are the life blood of your plumbing system, and that without them, no water would ever be able to travel in or out of your home. In fact, those drains are responsible for the removal of all of your water waste as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Sometimes, you may not notice when you may be in danger of a drain clog, that is, until the waste water starts backing up from your sink, shower or tub, or in some cases, your toilet. This can be the most exhausting and time-consuming problem for those who own a home or a business, and that's all the more reason to invest your time and money in good, quality drain cleaning service.

A drain that fails is a health hazard to your home or business. The characteristics of clogged drains include a foul odor that permeates an entire building, which is due mainly to waste backup because a drain cannot get rid of it. You may be able to use a plunger, but that is merely the very tip of the iceberg.

Although you can take some form of preventative measures to ensure that your plumbing will not back up, there is no way you can keep it from happening all the time. You can be as mindful as you can be and it will still happen. Perhaps you forgot to clean the grease trap underneath your sink, or maybe the hair from your shower drain. Or perhaps you didn't remove your rings right before doing the dishes. Whatever the reason, drain back ups can sneak up on you at any given time, whether its from lime or sediment, shifting soil, or a tree root that happens to be trying to grow inside your drain. So not all clogs are your fault, but whether or not they are, you know you can count on the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to provide you with fast, friendly service and a timely response to your plumbing needs.

Professional drain cleaning servicecan occur in either of two ways: hydro jetting, or mechanical snaking. Much of your drainage service needs depend on the age of your pipes, which can be easily detected during the initial phase of the assessment process.

Hydro jetting is the most effective and versatile process you can ever have applied to your clogged up drains. With an effective power of 3,000-8,000 PSI, the plumber can blast out the goo in your drainage system in no time. And its that very versatility that makes the hydro jetting method a viable candidate for cleaning out your sewer drains.

The only downside to the hydro jetting method is that it has the propensity to tear up your pipes. This is especially true if the pipes are too old or too damaged to withstand the average force that's applied to newer pipes. Pipes that are damaged through normal wear and tear or pipes that have been cracked even the tiniest bit will run the highest risk of bursting during the process.

Another method that is used during drain cleaning service is the mechanical snake, a flexible tool that is used to pull out debris that clogs any draining system that leaves you with a wet mess. This method might be useful during the beginning stages of drain cleaning service because even with a newer set of pipes, the plumber can use it to get down into your system and at least be able to pull out hair, bath tissue, and foreign objects that have somehow managed to sneak into your drains without much notice.

Mechanical snaking is most effective with older, more fragile pipes that cannot withstand the rapid-fire water treatments of hydro jetting. However, mechanical snakes can barely scratch the surface of your problem, as they cannot clear out the build up in your drain, but only pull out what happens to be there. Unlike hydro jetting, they cannot get as deep into your pipes and clean the build up that lines the walls. This is all the more reason for you to get inspected before you undergo any type of drain cleaning service.

As part of the assessment process, the plumber will check the age of your pipes. This should be done primarily with older homes, as they are far more likely to have older, galvanized piping systems throughout the house. From there, a course of treatment can be determined, and once that happens, then the plumber will draft an invoice and explain the charges to you, what is involved, the cost of the parts and labor, and any other fees you may be responsible for.

Good quality drain cleaning service is a worthy investment, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Sugar Land, TX area values your time and money. They don't just hire any ordinary plumber, they hire the best. In fact, Benjamin Franklin holds themselves beyond just mere high standards. Their plumbers undergo a rigid screening that includes continuous drug and alcohol testing, not to mention ongoing education and recertification every year. As part of that process, each member of the plumbing team is constantly updated on the latest trends in plumbing design and structure. And that includes the latest in drain cleaning service.