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Everything You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning | Sugar Land, TX

A picture of a plumber unclogging a sink

You get home after a long tiring day and you get into you’re the shower only to find a clogged drain in your bathtub. You would be frustrated, right? Anyone in such a situation would feel the same way. Anything that causes the slightest bit of discomfort or nuisance in our lives is bothersome, especially if it is something so seemingly petty. But let us tell you, drain issues are anything but petty. They can turn your life upside down in no time. So it goes without saying that drain cleaning is crucial.

A clogged drain is a common problem in bungalows, apartments, and offices. They occur because dirt, debris, and other pollutants and waste materials build up in the pipelines which stop the free flow of water. Apart from dirt and sediment, other waste material also accumulates in your drains such as food waste, vegetables, soap and more. If left unattended, they can lead to greater problems in the future.

Drain cleaning should only be performed by trained and knowledgeable professionals. We take pride in the fact that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg has the best in class staff on board who ensure client’s 100% satisfaction.

Initially, water accumulating in your tub may not seem like a problem. Some homeowners try to fix the issue themselves and they do succeed but only for some time. The problem shows up again because an amateur cannot fully get rid of a clogged drain. You have to call a trained service provider for drain cleaning.

To avoid potential high costs and replacements costs in the future; you should be aware of some common warning signs of drain cleaning in the Sugar Land, TX areaCommon warning signs include slow drainage, bad smells, and recurring clogged drains, clogs in multiple drains and water flooding around the house.

Clogged Drains

Recurring clogs are a result of you trying to fix it every time water refuses to go down the drain. This means you have a more serious blockage issue that you can’t handle. There are areas in your plumbing structure that are not accessible to you.

You should then call a professional plumber to properly inspect, clean and repair your drainage system. They have the right kind of equipment, tools, machinery, and most important of all the most suitable set of skills required to do drain cleaning.

There are also situations where you have multiple clogged drains around your house. They could be anywhere from your kitchen sink and bathroom flooring to your bathtub drain and outdoor drains. Most times, this means your main drain is blocked and something needs to be done about it as soon as possible. Again, professional drain cleaningis the solution here.

Sluggish Drains

Sluggish drains are those drain through which water does flow out but at a speed slower than the usual. This issue occurs when the sediment built up has narrowed your pipelines resulting in lesser space for the water to flow down. Slowly draining pipes can also occur if your drainage system and pipes have been installed improperly.

Whether you need to fix your grading system or get your drainage pipes cleaned, professional service providers are required.  However, if you choose to delay getting them fixed, please know that your pipes may break due to the blockage and extra force being exerted on them. So call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg now and get rid of sluggish drains.

Foul Smells

Imagine your bathroom or kitchen smelling of sewage. We know how unpleasant even the thought of it can be. Homeowners often blame it on the public water supply. However, this is rarely true. And this is why they don’t give a professional plumber for drain cleaning a thought.

When your drain clogs, all the waste gets piled up in the pipelines leading to your bathroom smelling like a gutter. This is even more noticeable in the warmer months. We advise acting immediately if you ever come across such a situation. You don’t want to be embarrassed in front of a visitor.


If you have flooded bathrooms, kitchens or backyard, you have a major problem at hand. Water flooding around the house usually means you have sewage water accumulating in your bathroom, kitchen or other places in your house. The sewage water gets backed up due to the clogs. It then pollutes your bathrooms, kitchen, backyard and sometimes your bedrooms and living area as well. Sounds disgusting, right? This is the reason why Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg always recommends its clients to get preventive maintenance done regularly.

Sewage water is not only disgusting and contaminates your living space but can also cause health issues in the residents of that house. In fact, there have been cases when sewage water has gotten mixed with the clean, drinking water supply. Regular drain cleaning the Sugar Land, TXarea can save you from falling prey to such a situation.

Trust Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, we provide excellent, state-of-the-art plumbing services to all our customers. We are here if you need drain cleaning the Sugar Land, TX area. All you need to do is pick up your phones and dial (281) 616-3978.  We offer other services as well such as leak detection, water heater repairs, pipes installation and other plumbing services all around Sugar Land, TX.

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