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Common Leak Issues in Commercial Buildings | Tips from Your Richmond, TX Plumber

A leaking water faucet

Commercial businesses can often have plumbing issues such as leaks. The nature of leaks depends on the damage that is done. It is also dependent on the equipment that you have installed.

If you are a commercial business owner, you ought to be aware of the different types of leaks that can occur. So, here’s a handy guide.

Pipe Leaks

Your entire plumbing system is an intricate network of pipes. Pipes lead water from your main water supply to your bathrooms, kitchens and washing areas. If you have old, corroded, damaged, or ailing pipes, you could have leaking problems.

It could be that your pipes could be leaking within your walls without you knowing, or they can even leak out into the open. Pipes can have a lot of issues if they are not regularly and carefully maintained by professional plumbers.

To prevent leaks, plumbers ought to check out the entire plumbing system, especially if the business’s piping structure or building is aging. Pipes should be inspected to make sure they do not have hard water or rust issues and are not cracked or changing shape because of water pressure and temperature.

You should make sure there are no obstructions, like growing tree roots, in the ground near the piping system. Any and all of these issues can cause partial or complete leaks and eventually total breakdown and flooding.


Flooding is another plumbing issue that plagues commercial kitchens and bathrooms from time to time. If your pipes completely break due to the issues mentioned above, you are likely to have flooding in your bathrooms, kitchens, staff area and even main business areas.

This could mean that you have some water leaking out onto the floors. It could also mean that pipes gush out water and endanger your property, clients and staff.

Uncontrollable circumstances like storms, earthquakes and external river floods can also cause flooding. In case of flooding, make sure you cut the power supply and call for emergency plumbing services.

Slab Leaks

As a commercial business owner in the Richmond, TX area you should also be aware of the dangers of slab leaks. A slab leak is a type of leak where water tends to pour out or leak slowly from the pipes buried under the concrete foundations of your business’ building.

You should always avoid slab leaks by getting the adequate plumbing services from a plumber. If you choose to ignore the signs of a slab leak or try to repair the damage yourself, it could mean that you will end up paying for a lot more in damages.

If slab leaks go on for too long, they can comprise the integrity of your building’s structure through cracks. You might even start having to pay a lot more water and utility bills.

This is why you should always look out for the following signs and call a plumber immediately if you notice them:

  • Running water sounds that you cannot locate or explain
  • Hot spots found in various areas of the building i.e. the ground will feel hot at various points.
  • You notice that your baseboards are damp.
  • There are unexplained puddles and leaking water in various places of your building.
  • Your water heater starts malfunctioning.
  • Your water bill starts to rise but your consumption is the same and the rates of the utility bill are the same.

Washing Machine Leaks

If you are a commercial business, like a hotel, dry cleaner, or Laundromat, you might deal with washing machines. Washing machines are extremely complex contraptions that need to be handled by experts when they have problems.

One of these problems often includes leaking washers. You see washing machines can leak if they have problems with parts like hoses. You should always keep an eye on your drain and fill hoses and call a plumber if they start to leak.

Other potential leaks can occur because of faulty internal hoses. If you notice leaks when you are running the fill cycle, this hose is probably the culprit. However, the most serious of the leaks can occur when you have problems with hose clamps or drain pumps.

If you notice water leaks in your washing machine when you are running drain or wash cycles, call a plumber immediately. In this instance, you might have to repair or replace the hose completely.

Water Heater Gas Leak

If you are a commercial business, it is very likely you have to deal with water heaters. Water heaters are often essential in offices, commercial kitchens, bathrooms and even hotels. If you have water heaters, you have to look out for two kinds of leaks in them.

If the water heater starts to leak water, you need to call a plumber to look at the problem immediately since the heater might be aging or corroded. However, this is the less serious kind of leak. You will need to call emergency services if your water heater is gas-based and starts to leak natural gas.

A gas leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and possible fires and explosions. This is why they need to be dealt with immediately.

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