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Understanding the Different Types of Water Filtration Systems in Sugar Land

Water from sink

If you want to live a healthier life, switching to an efficient water filter is one of the best choices that you will ever make. There are so many different filters now, ranging from simple pitcher filters to whole house units. Which of these would be the best choice in your case? When deciding a suitable water filtration system in Sugar Land, you should first learn more about the contaminants that are found in your home’s water. Based on that, choose a system that suits you.

What Contaminants Are Present In Your Water?


Volatile organic compounds or VOCs mostly include herbicides and pesticides, along with other chemicals. These are quite common in municipal water and are known to damage the liver, kidney, and reproductive system.

Heavy Metals

In some areas, water may contain metals like mercury and leads in unhealthy quantities. In such a case, you should select a water filtration system in Sugar Land that can remove them effectively.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

The levels of endocrine-disrupting chemicals are rapidly rising in the water supply. They are often linked with prostatic and breast cancer.


Fluoride is often added to water in purpose. While it may be good for your overall health, it can cause thyroid-related problems.

Test Your Water

Before deciding a suitable water filtration system in Sugar Land, test the quality of your water first. The report would outline contaminants present and accordingly, you can select a water filtration system in Sugar Land. Check the local water website, and see if you come across something. Or reach out to us at Benjamin Franklin, and we’ll give you an overview of common contaminants in your area and the kind of water filtration system in Sugar Land that you should buy to remove them.

The Different Types of Water Filtration System in Sugar Land

There are different types of water filtration systems, varying in terms of design, features, functions, and prices. But nonetheless, you’re sure to find something for your needs and within your budget. Let’s review the most common water filters fit for residential use.

Pitcher Water Filter

This water filtration system in Sugar Land uses activated charcoal for removing contaminants in the water. Compared to other options, it may be a more affordable choice, but costs do add up in the long run because filling and cartridge replacement is frequent. Also, the filtration mechanism doesn’t use solid carbon, so all toxins are usually not removed. Generally, a pitcher filter removes chlorine effectively but leaves heavy metals and VOCs behind. Nonetheless, the water does taste better after it has been passed through the unit.

A faucet-mounted external filter also falls under this category of water filtration system in Sugar Land.

Charcoal Stick Water Filter

Where space is an issue, the charcoal stick water filter is probably the best choice. These sticks can be put in any water bottle and pitcher, removing contaminants in pretty much the same way as a pitcher filter does. Also, charcoal sticks are reusable and durable, and can even be utilized for deodorization purposes in the kitchen or garden after you’ve filtered enough water using them.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

A reverse osmosis water filtration system in Sugar Land features a semi-permeable membrane, which removes many toxins present in water. Often such units also comprise granulated activated charcoal filters so that chlorine can also be removed. But along with the toxins, this filtration system also removes naturally occurring minerals like magnesium and calcium, which are good for your health. Another downside is that a reverse osmosis filter wastes more water, compared to other units, and requires a good amount of pressure to work effectively. Also, it usually takes an hour to filter a gallon of water.

Reverse osmosis filters come with a holding tank and are often mounted under the sink. They can filter several gallons of water every day. Though the reverse osmosis water filtration system in Sugar Land is often a good choice, the filtered minerals must be added back to the water prior to usage.

Distillation Based Filter

Distillation is a process in which water is heated and converted into steam. The emitted steam rises and is directed into a cooling chamber, where it’s liquefied again. This leaves many contaminants behind. Distillation removes heavy metals, arsenic, and asbestos effectively, and kills bacteria, but may not eliminate VOCs or endocrine disrupters. Also, this kind of water filtration system in Sugar Land is larger in size, may use more power than other options, and incurs greater upfront costs.

Solid Block Carbon Filter

A solid block carbon filter is probably the best water filtration system in Sugar Land. It removes a wide range of toxins including pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, VOCs, nitrates, and parasites. Based on gravity, the carbon filter can purify municipal supply water, rainwater and pond water without removing essential minerals.

The carbon block filter can operate without electricity, and deliver a good performance, but takes up plenty of space on the counter. Apparently, it may be a pricier option, but that’s only because of the upfront costs. In the long run, this water filtration system in Sugar Land is more economical than other choices because of fewer replacements.

Water Ionizer

A water ionizer uses the electrolysis process to remove contaminants. The unit features electrically charged plates through which the water passes, separating into two different streams: acidic and alkaline. The alkaline stream can be used for residential purposes and is known to be good for the skin.