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Common Toilet Plumbing Issues | Plumber in Sugar Land, TX

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Your toilet is malfunctioning. It has cracks and is leaking water whenever you flush it. You know how to fix most toilet issues –you’re handy enough. But you cannot understand what is going on here. Where is the water coming from? What do you do about the cracks?

Don’t worry – these issues are easily fixed by professional plumbing services. If you are a resident of Sugarland, you can seek the best plumbing services at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg.

Some of the most common plumbing issues in toilets include the following list. Explanations for these problems are given just below.

Flapper Valves


You are left scratching your head after the water bill comes every month, wondering how on earth is it getting so high? Are you really using up that much water?

Your kid thinks there is a ghost in his bathroom because he hears running water every day and sees the toilet flush on its own. Is your house haunted? Is your son imagining things?


Don’t worry there is just one reasonable explanation for both of these issues: a broken flapper valve.

A flapper valve lets water flow from the cistern into the toilet. This is what fills up the bowl again when you flush the toilet and the waste contents disappear. If a flapper valve breaks down or wears out, your toilet will flush on its own at times. The water in the toilet might also run or leak frequently.

These leaks can lead to a lot of water wastage and can rack up your water bills significantly. If your water valve has broken down due to age, it would be smart to replace it and get a professional to install another one. You should also get professional help from a plumber in Sugarland if a new valve malfunctions as it may need replacement.

There may be quick fixes for flapper valves, too. For instance, you can easily get the valve adjusted in the water tank by a plumber in Sugarland.

Clogging Issues


The toilet clogs up and will not flush. The water and even waste contents can flow out and flood the bathroom floor. These are commonplace toilet functions that you might have faced before, but what causes them?


Clogging is caused by blockages in the toilet. When foreign waste materials or objects are thrown into toilets, it may lead to blockages and clogging. This is why it is important to not deposit anything besides waste contents into the toilet.

You are advised against throwing sanitary napkins, trash, toys, bottles, and clothes into the toilet. If a toilet is clogged, a minor blockage can be removed by using a plunger. If there is a major blockage, then a plumber in Sugarland may need to tear the whole thing apart and extract the foreign object.

Washer Bolt Troubles


There is a leak in your toilet and you do not know its original source. You keep noticing that puddles form near the toilet at times especially under the tank. You keep searching for the cause but cannot find any. What could it be?


A possible cause of this kind of leak can be a worn washer bolt. You need to get your bolts checked if you see random puddles all of a sudden. The washer bolt may have a leak and may need adjustment or tightening.  You may then need a plumber in Sugarland.

There are several other areas of the toilet that may cause leaks. The connecting parts in a toilet, like mounting nuts and supply tubes, may loosen up over time. Rubber linings can break down and age. Their deterioration can then allow serious leaks.

You should not ignore leaks, then, and have plumbers look at all of your connection parts, linings and bolts. The plumber might either need to adjust, replace or seal these parts and lining to stop the leaks.

Tank Troubles


There is water leaking from your tank. The tank has aged and worn down and there are now cracks appearing on its surfaces. There is condensation in the toilet or your bathroom. You keep searching other sources, like the bath, for the source of the condensation but you cannot seem to locate the problem area.


The cause of the trouble may insulation problems in your tank or a broken toilet tank.

If your tank is badly insulated, it may cause condensation. A plumber in Sugarland may have to then fit the toilet with insulation liners. A crack may be a problem in a toilet tank. The toilet valve will fill the tank up but the water will leak. If your tank is broken or has cracks, it may leak water and can ruin your bathroom floor. The leaks will also cause a spike in your water bills.

Broken tanks often need repairs or replacement by professional plumbing services from a plumber in Sugarland.

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg services will tend to all of your toilet repairs and maintenance requirements, as the best plumber in Sugarland.

Today, home maintenance by a lone homeowner is extremely difficult. Have no fear, however, because Benjamin Franklin the Functional Plumber is available for plumbing emergencies time. Be it toilet problems in offices or homes, we are available for residents of Sugarland.

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We will make sure that your toilet plumbing is safe, functional and efficient throughout the year. We assure you that our plumbers are well-equipped with the latest tools, knowledge and materials. We will provide quality care for your gas line systems and replace any parts if needed.

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