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Here is Why You Need a Plumber

Most homeowners don’t address plumbing problems until it’s too late, but by then the damage is already done and now there’s a bigger problem on their hands. It is important to remain vigilant and sort out these problems in their earliest stages to prevent a costly repair later on.

While it’s true that not all plumbing problems announce their presence by dramatically spraying water all over the house, many plumbing problems are taking place in the background, silently causing enormous damage while going undetected. It is a good idea to equip yourself with the right knowledge about these common plumbing problems, giving you a quick heads up that it’s time to call a plumber in Katy right away.

Gurgling Sounds

If you hear a disturbing sound coming from the pipes, one that can be compared to a gurgle, it probably means that there is a blockage. The most common reason for blockages is that the water has been stopped dead right in its tracks because of mounting pressure. As a result, the water pushes against the pipe to force its way out.

The Plunger Isn’t Working

When the toilet gets clogged, most homeowners take their plunger and try to sort out blockage. In many cases, the plunger works like a charm, in the few rare occasions, it proves completely futile. This is not a nice feeling because you know something’s come up and will require the services of a professional plumber in Katy.

This is because the blockage is taking place deeper inside the pipe, which means that most plungers won’t be able to shift them.

Your plumber will use an appropriate tool such as a toilet snake to move the blockage and get your toilet running again.

Smell of Sewage

The smell of raw sewage normally spreads because there is a leak on a sewage pipe somewhere around the house. Sewage lines are very gross and you wouldn’t want to try fixing them yourself, it is not advised to go the DIY route with this one.

Sewage has the characteristic smell of sulfur, but can be confused with the smell of gas; in which case you should notify the authorities immediately because this could prove to be an emergency.

Sinks Fail to Drain

It is normal for lumps of hair and other foreign objects to take up space inside sinks, effectively clogging up the flow of water. This can be an inconvenient problem, but one that can be fixed by applying a mild over the counter blockage remedy. If this doesn’t work, you should get a plumber in Katy to check the problem out.

Most blockage removers are very good at removing foreign objects, but if something more solid is clogging up space, they will prove less effective. Since you can’t really tell what is actually causing the blockage, it is important to get in touch with a professional plumber to remove the object.

Since blocked drains don’t pose an immediate concern, most homeowners tend to take the problem lightly. This is not advisable because standing water is breeding ground for drain flies and other pests to thrive in the bathroom. If you live in hotter climates, it can prove to be more of a problem.

The Sinks Do Drain, But Ever so Slowly

Baths and sinks that drain slowly are another sign of blockages. You might want to try your hand at more economical over the counter chemicals first, but if that doesn’t work, it’s probably time to call in the professionals. A common indicator of slow drains is damage to sewer lines on the outside, and these can easily go undetected.

Pipes that have an incorrect pitch are also common culprits. Such technical problems are only diagnosed by professional plumbers in Katy who know what they are doing.

Water Continues to Drip

Leaks waste water and can damage your home by increasing the humidity of the surroundings. They also encourage the growth of organic matter. Most homeowners are unable to detect these issues because the plumbing lines are hidden out of sight. There are several causes of dripping water from pipes, the most common of which is broken seals.

Seals are placed around all water connections to prevent leaks. Once the seal gets damaged, you will start noticing leaks. These problems require access to advanced tools that only professional plumbers in Katy have and should only be attempted by those carrying a license.

It is normal for your plumbing system to age with time, causing a gradual build up of rust and corrosion to eat away at them. This manifests as a clog because the pipes begin to crack and warp around areas of damage. If your pipes are dripping because of damage due to corrosion, it is best to replace your plumbing system immediately.

Frozen Pipes

Most pipes are built to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, but it is not uncommon for them to get damaged when the temperature dips below water’s freezing point.

Remember pipes are built for liquid water, not ice. So when water freezes up, it expands, creating enormous pressure on the pipes in doing so. This creates cracks and dents along the frozen area, and once water starts flowing again, it leaks out of the newly formed cracks. The damage caused by freezing pipes is often not repairable and requires an outright replacement.

This is an expensive procedure but one which can be avoided if you install appropriate pipe insulation. Your plumber in Katy will know how to get the job done. But our word of advice is that you shouldn’t undertake these procedures yourself, because melting the ice is a delicate process and you could crack the pipe as a result. If you warm the pipe too soon, they won’t get enough time to restore their original shape and crack as a result.

If your plumbing and pipes are in need of repair, then do give us a call. We have access to highly trained professional plumbers who have years of experience under their belt. Be it sewer lines, broken pipes or water heater repairs – we can handle it all.