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Common Causes for Clogged Drain Cleaning in Rosenberg, TX

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Are you beginning to see water standing in the kitchen and bathroom drains? Does it take hours for the water to pass through the drains? If yes, then it’s time to hire a plumbing service provider for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX. It’s important that you schedule drain cleaning services immediately without any delay because clogged drains can cause a great deal of damage to your home. They can wreak havoc by disrupting your home’s entire drainage system.

Furthermore, they can also damage the pipelines, and cause the water to seep through the walls resulting in leaks, and mold growth. Simply put, timely drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX can help keep your home well-maintained and prevent you from having a big dent on your pocket because of the costly repairs jobs as a result of damaged pipelines and leaky walls.

So, if you’ve noticed a clogged drain, then don’t just overlook it as a minor blockage seek professional help for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX.

Common Causes for Clogged Drains

Some of the common causes for clogged drains are:

1.  Hair

Hair is recognized as the leading cause of blocked drains. Not all the hair that goes down your drain while shaving or showering passes through the drain. As a result it begins to pile and buildup. This buildup starts to get bigger and thicker overtime, which makes it extremely difficult even for the water to pass through the drain. Eventually, it causes the bathroom drain to clog and water starts to collect in the shower. This is when it becomes necessary to call a plumbing service for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX.

2.  Soap Scum

Soap buildup can also contribute to clogged drain issues in homes. The soapy scum can get accumulated in the drains and block them. This happens because of the fats in the soap. When they combine with hard water minerals, it results in a soap scum. This not only stains the fittings in the bathrooms like taps in the sink and shower but also clogs the pipes. For this it becomes absolutely necessary to call a professional for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX.

3.  Oil and Grease

It’s not just the bathroom drains that can get clogged. Kitchen drains can also suffer from the same problem but in this case it is fatty gunk. The greasy and oily buildup tends to stick in the drain pipes when you’re doing the dishes. This is hard to realize it right away because it’s not visible. However, when the grease cools, it starts to harden in the pipes. This makes it difficult for the water to pass smoothly through the drain.

Since the grease is hard to remove, special equipment and expertise are needed to unclog the drains. That is why it is advisable to schedule for services for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX. A professional plumbing company can visit your home, inspect the drains and use the combination of their tools and expertise to make sure that the water passes through them freely without clogging.

4.  Food Waste

When cleaning and clearing the food from the dishes for washing, sometimes the food waste goes down the drain, accidentally. If such accidents are common in your home, then it can be a big problem because food waste that go in the drains big to pile up as they don’t easily pass through. So, make sure that you clear the dishes away from the kitchen skin drain. However, if the drains do get blocked due to too much food waste in the pipelines then its best to schedule services for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX.

5.  Plants

Sometimes drains can also get clogged from the outside due to the natural debris like small plant growth near the pipes, fallen leaves or tree roots. Roots of the trees are in search of water to keep the tree alive so they grow close to and around the drains from where they can get water easily. Gradually these roots begin to grow inside the pipes as they intake water from leaky and cracked pipes.

The presence of thick roots inside the drains makes it difficult for the water passing through the drains to move out, hence causing the water to stand and drains to clog, which can further lead to pipe burst due to flooding and corrosion. And did you know that drain pipe repairs and replacement jobs can be very costly?

Therefore, to avoid costly repairs and replacements it’s best to take action fast and schedule services for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX. Experience and expertise counts here as such drain cleaning jobs may require excavation and pressure cleaning too.

6.  Mineral Pile up from Hard Water

At times the culprit for clogged drains is the mineral buildup from hard water that flows through the taps.  It is important to understand that hard water is rich in insoluble masses like magnesium as well as calcium because the groundwater percolates through limestone.

So, when the hard water passes through the drains the minerals begin to deposit in the drains and with time it creates a huge buildup which makes the water practically impossible to get through the small holes of the drainage pipes. In such a situation, it is very important to schedule services for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX because this kind of buildup is tricky to remove especially if they get tightly stuck in the pipes. Only a professional plumber can determine the best way to get rid of mineral pile up and ensure a smooth water flow through the drains.

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