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Katy Plumbers – Pipes Banging

If you are experiencing what appears to be banging noises that are coming from the pipes in your home, it can be a frightening noise at first. However, you should not worry too much since this problem is manageable when it is handled professionally and properly. The banging noises that you hear when you close the tap for example is commonly referred to as water hammer. This is because it sounds like a hammer is being pounded on the water pipes when this noise is made. Although it usually is not harmful, hearing water hammers from time to time can be irritating and if caught off-guard frightening. In order to take care of your water hammer woes, you will need to eliminate the noises completely. But, first you will need to understand what causes them to begin with.

In order to understand what causes water hammer, you should have the basic principles on how water flows from the source to your tap. When you open the tap, valves found in the faucet open as well. Once these valves open, it allows water to flow out without being blocked, such as when the tap is off, the valve is closed. Water hammers often take place when the tap is being closed. This is the result of the water pipes suddenly being deprived of air. Air is a pretty important factor when it comes to cushioning the pressure of water that flows through your pipes. If the amount of air were to suddenly be reduced, then the pipes will not be able to adequately control the pressure and this will lead to the banging noises you hear.

In order to prevent water hammer to begin with you will need to close the water taps slowly. This will help control the water pressure and also allow it to decrease gradually, rather than suddenly.  It is also wise to inspect the source of the water hammer and have insulators installed around it.  You can also have your home’s pipes retrofitted with water hammer arresters or pressure reducing valves to help also. Either of these two will help control the vibration and prevent water hammer.

There is another reason you may be experiencing water hammer, and this is due to loose water pipes. Loose pipes, and old homes go hand in hand, and this is why it is far more common to have water hammer in older homes than newer ones. When the water pipes are loose and / or are out of place, they will not be able to control the vibration that is brought on due to the water pressure. If the water pressure is too high, banging will most likely happen.

Taking care of this problem is rather simple. All you will need to do is attach the water pipes to the walls so that they will be more inclined to be able to withstand the pressure. Along with attaching them properly to the wall, you should also inspect the pipes for any signs of cracks and / or leaks. This is because cracks and leaks can cause the separation of the pipes from where they were attached.

If you are experiencing water hammer in your home then make sure you follow the tips in this guide or if you need assistance then do not hesitate to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to have one of our professional and friendly plumbers take care of this for you. Water hammers may not be dangerous but they can be extremely frustrating to deal with. So instead of allowing the banging noises to slowly drive you mad; get it taken care of as soon as possible.