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Houston Plumbing – Burst Sewer Pipe Dangers

One of the most obvious dangers when it comes to plumbing is anything that has to do with your sewage line. Many problems involved with plumbing generally are not going to be quite as serious as a break in a sewage line. Luckily, you do not have to do this yourself, and you can always opt to have a professional plumbing company take care of this for you. However, if you are a Do-it-yourself(er) then things can escalate rather quickly from needing an emergency plumber to needing an emergency room. It is critical that you take the steps to lessen the risks and damage to your home, but more importantly to you and your family’s health as well.

The most gruesome of all problems when having to deal with a burst sewage line is the toxic gas that is emitted. This is something that you will not wish on your worst enemy and it can quickly spread throughout your home, overwhelming everything in its path. On top of that, it is also not a very good idea to hang around inside of your home too long after a sewage line burst. This is due to the methane gas that will be spreading throughout the home. It can cause not only respiratory problems but sore throats, and even asphyxiation.

Therefore, at the first sign of a very foul smell coming from underneath your home or into your home for that matter, you will want to get your family out as quickly as possible and contact a professional plumbing company, such as, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to come take care of the problem for you.  Our professional plumbers will fix the breakage and help get your home free from deadly toxins so that it will be livable again in a short amount of time.

There are also even more deadly problems beyond methane gas that can creep itself up from the depths of your sewage pipes. There is literally thousands of different types of bacteria living in your sewage pipes and most of them can be quite harmful. Bacteria, such as, salmonella or even pinworms can make their way into your home even from small pins breaks in your sewage pipes. The bacteria can cause extreme illness that might put you in a hospital bed for quite some time. Sometimes, the symptoms will seem to materialize out of nowhere and you might not even recognize that your sewage lines have been compromised in any way.

If you find yourself in such a situation one day, once you have received a clean bill of health and you are sent back home, then you should have the home inspected by a professional plumber to see if there is any ‘foul” play afoot. There are plenty of professional plumbing service companies in the Houston area, but there is only one company that get the job done as thoroughly as need be for such a problem as a burst sewer pipe, and that one is Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg. If you find yourself in such a predicament, as a burst sewer pipe, you will need to reach out to us as quickly as possible and we will send one of our professional and friendly plumbers to evaluate and diagnose the situation and provide you with a prompt professional remedy to get your home back in working order in no time.