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Houston Plumbers – Weak Water Pressure

Water pressure will vary from home to home and sometimes the water pressure that enters your home might be too high or even too low. When it comes to the amount of water pressure that is just right this will usually range between 50–80 pounds per square inch. If the water pressure in your home appears to be too weak then researching and finding the issue may very well some detective work on your part or if you would like to have it solved immediately get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and let one of our professional and courteous Houston plumbers handle it for you.

Where to Begin

The first place to begin the search is at the water meter.  Some water meters that service homes will have two shut off valves. One of the valves will be located before the meter and the other after the meter. However, most service meters will only have one shut off valve and are usually located after the meter. There also can be older water meters that will require a special cut off tool or a good amount of strength in order to open and close.  However, newer models will have a colored handle that moves up and down by hand so it is much easier to shut water on and off. When investigating the water meter, simply make sure that the valve is open full way. If it is not, open it, and inspect the water pressure in your home afterwards to see if this fixed it. If so, you are good to go, if not continue reading.

If you are experiencing weak water pressure at a single tap, such as the faucet in the kitchen, then make sure that the cut off valves at the faucet are fully open as well. If they are not, open it up all the way to see if this resolves the problem, if not move on to the next step.

The next step involves a little work, by removing the aerator from the tip of the faucet spout. Aerators are typically threaded on the faucet and can be unscrewed carefully with your hand. If you are not able to unscrew it with your hand then you may need pliers and you will need to be extra careful in order to not cause damage to the finish of the faucet. If you are not comfortable in doing this, then you may wish to hire a professional company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in order to allow one of our professional Houston plumbers to take care of this for you and track down the weak water pressure you are experiencing in your home. If you are confident then once you have removed the aerator, there should be a small screen or plastic disc with very small holes inside of the aerator.

Inspect this for debris or hard water deposits. If you notice deposits then it will either need to be thrown out and exchanged for a new aerator filter or you can place the filter in a small glass of vinegar and let it set over night to allow the acidity in the vinegar to break apart the deposits. If the problem with weak water pressure lies in one of your shower heads then the same process pretty much applies with the shower head as it does with the faucet in inspecting the filter and soaking it in vinegar if deposits are found.

If you notice small pieces of plastic inside of the aerators then this could possibly indicate that the circulating tube that will be found inside of the hot water heater could be possibly breaking down. If the hot water heater in the home is more than ten years old or older it may possibly need to be replaced. However, if the hot water heater is relatively new then it will most likely be more worthwhile to have Houston plumbers replace the tube.

Still if your incoming water pressure is weak and you have found no evidence at home, then you may wish to next contact the water utility provider to see if any of their equipment may be malfunctioning. Water supply lines can corrode and leak water into the ground, just as much as water lines in residential homes. If the water company declares no problem on their end then you will need to hire a company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg and one of our professional and courteous Houston plumbers will continue the investigation and the source for the weak water pressure, resolve it and get you back up and running promptly.