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Plumbing Essentials for Renovating Your Bathroom | Plumbers in Houston, TX

Renovating a bathroom can be a blissful change in your home. It is a great way to increase the livability and property value of your home. If you hire expert plumbers in Houston, TX, you can actually have a stress-free renovation.

The important thing is to get a new bathroom that is truly practical for you and your family. There are a lot of plumbing essentials you need to consider before renovating your bathroom. Don’t just focus on picking fixtures and titles to make sure the change is positive.

If you focus on everything outlined below, you will surely end up with a great, new bathroom.

Old Plumbing System

The plumbing system you currently have will impact the new bathroom. This is why it is important to note certain details about old pipes and plumbing layout.

Plumbers of Houston, TX recommend avoiding changes in the water and energy connections while renovating. There is no need to change these inlets unless you absolutely have to since it is an unnecessary cost.

Make sure to note down some details about your plumbing system before consulting a professional plumber in Houston, TX. It matters whether the pipes are running through the walls or floor. If they are old they may need additional renovations.

There is a higher chance of collapse and failure if you have old pipes made of clay, cast iron, or wood pulp pipes like Orangeburg. Some old pipes do not connect to new fixtures as well. You may want to upgrade old pipes to reduce costs in repairs and maintenance in the future.

Water Heaters

You will surely need a lot of hot water if you are thinking of installing a new bathtub or shower. You may want to think about investing in a new water heater.

Tanklesswater heaters in Houston, TX are designed to be more cost-effective and take up low space. This means that you can get a new, efficient model and end up saving on costs. An upgrade will surely be an improvement, especially if you invest in an energy-efficient, tankless water heater.

Upgrading the Toilet

Toilets can deteriorate quickly if they aren’t well-maintained. Homeowners may neglect the maintenance work on their toilets despite using them every day. You may want to invest in a new toilet if you are renovating the bathroom.

Innovations in toilets ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Low-flow toilets are designed to use less water. Such toilets are more sustainable as they reduce water waste. A new toilet can increase the functionality of the new washroom. Take note of high maximum performance scores when you buy a new toilet. Consult a plumber in Houston, TX before purchasing. They can give you advice on the best one according to your needs.

There are still some ways to improve your old toilet if you don’t want to invest in a new one. An inexpensive way to improve your old toilet is to change the lid and toilet seat. This will give users the feel of a new washroom, even if it doesn’t do anything for the plumbing.


You need a proper plan for ventilation in every bathroom. Hot showers can be dangerous if you don’t have proper ventilation. The humidity and steam can make it hard for you to get oxygen resulting in blackouts. Expert plumbers in Houston, TX recommend adding a small window and fan in bathrooms.

Plan the New Design

Design plans help plumbers in Houston, TX execute the vision you have for the new bathroom. Taking some time to consider who the bathroom is for can help you plan the design for the new bathroom.

Bathrooms for master bedrooms are built to provide luxury and relaxation. Installing some spa features is a really good idea. Head to toe jets, steam showers, magazine racks, heated towel racks, natural light, and heated floors can be heavenly after a stressful day at work. These features are designed to elevate your bathroom experience and make sure you come out relaxed.

If the bathroom is for children than the design plan will be very different. You may consider installing double sinks to simplify morning and bedtime routines. Pull-out step stools can also make it really easy for children to reach the sink. For added safety it is recommended by plumbers in Houston, TX to place non-slip tiles.

Guest bathrooms can also be designed to provide comfort and practicality. Guests may feel intrusive using up space in someone else’s home. It is a good idea to install extra built-in shelves to store their things to accommodate them.

 Hire a Professional

Many homeowners may attempt to renovate bathrooms by themselves. If you are able to perform basic plumbing like unclogging drains or tightening a loose fitting, it doesn’t mean you can renovate a whole bathroom. Knowing your skill set is important to make sure that the change in your home is a positive one.

Expert plumbers in Houston, TX can do the job better. They are aware of what is practical for your bathroom space and plumbing system. There can be a high cost of repair and maintenance if you make mistakes while installing new fixtures or titles. Frequent sewer backups and clogs will also add to the cost.

High water waste and water bills may incur if a pipe collapses, bursts, or leaks. Flooding of water will also cause damage to the floor and wall. If water begins to pool of the floors it can attract mold, fungus, and pests.

Calling a plumber in Houston, TX is the best course of action. This does not mean that you will be completely removed from the process of your new bathroom, but rather the job will be executed more efficiently. They can recognize additional comfort features and save you costs in the long run. Make sure to call experts like Benjamin Franklin Plumbers as they are properly trained.