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Plumbing in Sugar Land, TX – Water Heaters

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Over the past few years you may have noticed that water heaters have increased in price. Of course, pretty much everything increases in price over time. However, there is a reasoning for so with water heaters beyond just inflation. A little over ten years ago, the Federal Government adopted the flammable vapor ignition resistant technology, or the FVIR for short.

With the adoption of this it added a significant cost to the price of gas water heaters. Manufacturers along the way developed their own versions that met the standards set forth by the feds. In several different water heaters it made the water heaters taller in order to incorporate the technology. This also added to the cost because more steel would be needed in order to manufacture the heaters.

On top of that, hot water heaters are also much more energy efficient than older ones. The government also mandates the minimum performance efficiency standards for hot water heaters also. However, there are plenty of models available from different manufacturers that actually surpass the governments minimum requirements. Many hot water heaters that you can find in home improvement stores that are low cost are typically going to be the lower end of the spectrum for efficiency.

Hot Water Heater Types

Gas-powered hot water heaters can come in either the standard vent type or the power vent type. The standard vent type is where the vent goes up like a chimney. The power vent type is there it is vented out of the side of the home.

For electricity, there is the standard electric hot water heater and the electric heat pump hot water heater. The heat pump hot water heater can also disperse cool dry air while heating water efficiently.

Then there are the solar powered hot water heaters with electric backup elements. These type of hot water heaters may also come with government rebates making them all the more appealing.

Next are hybrid hot water heaters. First up, gas-powered hot water heaters that have internal venting that allows them to develop superb efficiency and higher hot water output.

Finally, we have tankless hot water heater solutions.  They can come in both gas, electric and even hybrid.  Tankless gas hot water heater models are the most popular amongst the three types of tankless solutions.  They are also used more so in whole house solutions due to the fact that an electric version would require significant amounts of modifications to a home’s electrical system. Tankless gas hot water heaters are very efficient while in operation. Sizing and installation are also important proponents when having a new hot water heater installed.  Tankless systems can be serviced and virtually almost all of the components in it can be replaced without the need to replace the entire unit.  Tankless systems are typically installed on walls which also helps free up valuable floor space. When it comes to venting they are also typically vented outdoors from the side of the house also.

Tankless electric hot water heaters are usually point-of-use systems, where as the name implies they are used in a single location.  Finally, hybrid tankless solutions include a combination of a tankless system and a small tank type. These water heaters attempt to supply a steady amount of hot water while at the same time removing the need to recirculate water in order to eliminate the sandwich effect of cold and hot water.

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