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Katy Plumbers – Dripping Faucets

If you sleep near the kitchen in your home, or have a bathroom in or near your bedroom, a dripping or leaking faucet can be one of the most irritating and frustrating noises at night. Most of the time a dripping faucet is an easy fix, however, sometimes it can signify that there are other problems with your home’s pipes and plumbing.

If your faucet drips while it is turned off then the problem could be many different possible reasons. The leak could be due to a corroded pipe, defective gasket, mineral deposits, or many other issues.  Even if it does not seem like a big deal, the water being wasted adds up over time and you should have it taken care of as soon as possible.

If you choose to ignore a leaking faucet in your home, then this small problem could eventually and possibly lead to a much larger one. Luckily, most dripping faucets are simple repairs that most of the time do not even require the need for a professional plumbing company. If you are confident enough in taking the faucet apart and changing the washer and seals then 8 out of 10 times that will be what the problem is and you can do it yourself without the need of contacting someone for professional assistance.

How Important Are Faucet Leak Repairs?

If you do not have the leaking faucet repaired then you are wasting a lot of water. It may not seem like much when it is a drop every second or two but it adds up. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, plumbing leaks can waste up to 10,000 or more gallons of water per household each year.  Dripping faucets, toilet flappers and leaking valves are amongst some of the most common plumbing leaks in homes across Texas.

By having a leak repaired in your home it could save you up to 10% or even more on your average monthly water bill.  Since dripping faucets can waste a great amount of water they are also a huge concern for the environment in regards to water conservation. By not repairing the leak, you are wasting not only your own money but a valuable resource also.

The faucet, as often is it is used in the average household, is easy for its components to eventually come loose over due time. When this happens, it could be as simple as tightening the parts that come loose or having certain parts such as a washer or seal replaced.

On rare occasions the leaking faucet could actually be due to something very serious, such as a broken pipe, broke fitting, or some other problem with the home’s plumbing. A cracked pipe, for example, could alter the water pressure in the home’s plumbing, and this in turn cold cause the faucet to leak.  If you can’t find the reasoning behind your faucet’s leak then you will need to get in touch with a professional plumbing service company, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to assist you with locating and resolving the problem for you. If you have leaking plumbing fixtures in your home and you need help give us a call today.