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Tankless Water Heater Problems

Installing a water heater

Having problems with your tankless water heater? 

According to the U. S. Department of Energy, a tankless water heater or hot water on demand heater can save you anywhere between 24%-35% on electrical costs when compared to standard tank water heaters. Tank water heaters heat water, and keep reheating it while storing it in a tank until it is used. This process is not very energy efficient and this is why next to heating and cooling, hot water heaters tend to be the next most expensive appliance in a home to operate.

Tankless water heaters are increasingly becoming a popular choice among consumers who are looking at new ways to curb rising electrical costs, save money and reduce their carbon footprint in the world. They are perfect for areas of the home that need separate hot water sources or those that don’t have room for a traditional water heater. Below we will discuss common problems that can arise with tankless hot water heaters, some you may be able to take care of and others you may need professional assistance from with a company that specializes in plumbing in Katy, TX.

Common issues with tankless water heaters

It requires a lot of gas to heat the instant hot water. If gas pressure is too low your tankless water heater will be unable to keep up with the demand from even two sources. This can happen when the shower and a dishwasher are used at the same time. When this happens consistent high gas pressure will be required. An electric tankless water heater is available but they require an enormous amount of electricity to heat water and the temperature achieved isn’t as hot as the gas powered tankless water heaters. Most experts agree if you are going to go tankless, your best bet is to choose gas for optimum performance and energy efficiency. If you need assistance in installing a tankless hot water heater then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Katy, TX a call now.

Additionally, if you have hard water it can cause a buildup of minerals within your tankless water heater impairing function by restricting water flow, and may even damage your tankless water heater appliance in the long run. A water softener is not only recommended by most experts but required by some manufacturers in areas with hard water above 11 grains per gallon. Otherwise, your warranty may be void. Servicing is recommended once per year by a qualified professional to maintain peak performance, energy efficiency and to extend the service life of the tankless water heater. Regular maintenance reduces the number of breakdowns on your appliance as well.

During manufacture ‘sacrificial rods’ are installed in the appliance. When you begin to see rusty water it usually means these rods need to be replaced or other servicing may be required, and the appliance should be inspected and serviced by a qualified professional.  There are more uses for tankless water heaters than just in the home. They are used to back up solar hot water, supply hot water to outdoor kitchens, pool houses, new additions, outdoor Jacuzzis and hot tubs to name a few.

There are different types of tankless hot water heaters. First, a point of use tankless can be used at one location such as an outdoor kitchen. Flow controlled models can supply two locations near to each other. Of course there is the whole house model to provide for your entire home. Installation and location as well as the application will definitely affect its energy efficiency. Exactly what your needs will require is best determined by a knowledgeable professional who can guide you to the best choice for you.  If you need assistance then consider calling Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Katy, TX for all of your plumbing related needs.

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