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You Need to Stop Believing These Myths About Tankless Water Heaters in Richmond

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters in Richmond have spread like wildfire in the industry for home appliances since they were introduced into the market. We can safely say that they have out shadowed all conventional types of water heaters and every homeowner here can be seen buying them.

From the convenience to the comfort-minded individual; from the conservationist to the average homemaker – everyone prefers tankless water heaters in Richmond. Why is the case though? Well, because these water heaters bring about better levels of efficiency and limitless supplies of hot water. All of this and it only takes up as much space as a large suitcase!

All of the above mentioned are things people would think about while buying tankless water heaters in Richmond but there are also some people out there that argue that these systems aren’t effective. These people who think tankless water heaters in Richmond are of no use have naturally been misled with rumors and myths. Well, we aren’t surprised because this technology is still relatively new and there are still some who have absolutely no clue about its superiority over other water heaters.

We’ve noticed that people tend to take to these misconceptions without actually experiencing these themselves. This is exactly why we are bringing forward a compilation of the most common myths about tankless water heaters in Richmond. These are the myths you need to stop believing right away!

1.   Tankless Water Heaters in Richmond Can Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Upgrading to this technology may seem expensive to every homeowner at first, but what people fail to understand is that these systems will save them a lot of money in the long run. This is so because in the long run tankless water heaters in Richmond tend to use a lot less energy as opposed to traditional water heaters. Researchers have even found that tankless water heaters are as much as 25% more efficient than the average conventional water heater.

So do you want to spend less now and pay more throughout its service life; or the vice versa?

2.   Tankless Water Heaters in Richmond Deliver Hot Water Instantly

In the minds of consumers, the word ‘instant’ has now become synonymous with ‘tankless’. Well, we’re here to pop your bubble and tell you that these water heaters won’t deliver hot water to your faucets at the speed of light! What we can promise you, however, is that their speed will be much quicker as opposed to conventional heaters – but the word ‘instant’ is a little over exaggerated.

3.   It Wouldn’t Provide Customers with Enough Water

Another common misconception about tankless water heaters in Richmond is that they can’t provide their owners with adequate amounts of heated water. The myth also goes to say that storage type water heaters hold an ample amount of water – which is why they won’t upset their owners.

The truth, however, is that conventional heaters cannot keep the out-flowing water consistent whereas tankless types can. They will be able to provide their users with enough amounts of water whenever the need arises.

4.   All the Tankless Water Heaters in Richmond Are Quite the Same

This was one particular myth we couldn’t help smile over. Even though the fact that all water heaters in this category are ‘tankless’, each of them is built for a different set of purposes. There are some brands, for example, that are much easier to install or others that can provide their users with much more fire power.

5.   The Water from These Will Be Overheated

People are of the impression that water from these heaters can become a health hazard because it is scalding hot. The truth of the fact, however, is quite the opposite. This problem is usually the case with traditional water heaters and tankless water heaters are actually quite safe. They will only heat the water only a little more than the preset temperature.

6.   It Cannot Supply Constant Hot Water

There are also many people out there that believe tankless water heaters in Richmond do not have the ability to provide constant flows of hot water. They will eventually start pouring out cold water from their desired sources because too much in use.

Well, all of this is utterly untrue, as cold water cannot enter the outflow of water in a tankless system. This is so because all of this water passes over the heating element in the system before finally reaching the outlet. As a result, a steady stream of hot water will be guaranteed for the user.

7.   They Will Require too Many Inspections Annually

This is another myth from our list that you can be ready to say goodbye forever to. If you’re planning to get yourself tankless water heaters in Richmond, we promise that you won’t have to spend on annual maintenance. You can confidently set that money aside for your doctor or dental appointments, although do not take their maintenance too lightly. You definitely should keep in mind that when you notice problems in the system, it will have to be inspected by professionals.

So there you have it folks. Debunking these myths about tankless water heaters in Richmond was really fun! While you’re more enlightened about these heaters, you should also keep in mind that baseless myths should be steered clear from and should be first experienced firsthand.

Definitely go tankless for the best forms of efficiency! That being said, you probably would need a plumbing service to install your tankless water heating system. So why not go for a service you trust?

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