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When to Hire a Professional Plumber in Sugar Land, TX

Plumber using wrench on a drain pipe

As a rule of thumb, any problems that we face in life will only worsen if they aren’t catered to and resolved in a timely fashion. The same goes for household problems such as those related to HVAC and plumbing.

Being unable to identify a problem for long or deliberately letting a problem stay for a while, i.e., neglecting repairs and maintenance, can never work out in your favor and only worsen things. When we talk about plumbing issues specifically, the word ‘worse’ can be really far-reaching.
This is one important reason that the plumbers in Sugar Land, TX recommend hiring a professional even if you see the subtlest signs of a plumbing issue.

On top of all the hassle, discomfort, costs, and panic that plumbing emergencies expose you to, they can result in several direct and indirect losses. For example, if it is a leak in your home that is left untreated for days, the water that drips out regularly can completely damage any furniture, gadgets, and carpet that might be getting wet.

Apart from this, you can also face losses in form of water wastage, shortage, and high water bills.

There is no question that water is a necessity for all living creatures. Can you, as a human, imagine living without having access to water for drinking and other purposes even for a few hours? Of course, not!

Even the smallest leaks have a high tendency to put you into shambles and result in a water shortage in the house. Furthermore, let’s not forget how each drop of water matters and those who don’t have access to clean drinking water only because of water wastage in urban areas. What you can do to play your part in minimizing water wastage and save the environment simultaneously is getting the pipelines in your home inspected by a professional plumber in Sugar Land, TX.

Since plumbing issues are highly prone to expanding quickly, it is best you never delay any repairs that might be needed, regardless of how petty you think they are. If you already know about the signs signaling a plumbing problem or there’s a clear plumbing problem that you have identified in your home, it’s about time you call a licensed plumber in Sugar Land, TX.

If you are someone who doesn’t usually notice these signs, here is what you can look for!

Common Plumbing Troubles and Their Signs

1.   Dripping and Leaking

• Identifying a Leak

It is usually the taps, radiators, pipes, showers, and other water outlets that experience leaks in homes. These are the spots you should be inspecting often to get a hold of any leaks that might be there.

Unusually though, it could also be machines and apparatus like tankless water heaters in Sugar Land, TX that might be leaking. Therefore, it is best that you pay specific attention to the plumbing network and other water-related gear in your home to identify such problems early on and get them fixed by a professional plumber in Sugar Land, TX before they get worse. Don’t forget to check the taps and faucets in the lawn!

Even if there are a few leaks, they will stay concealed until a professional carries out a thorough inspection to identify them. But the existence of these can be gauged with signs like a sound of dripping water, water shortage, high water bills, etc.

• Checking the Water Meter

Water meters are generally installed around the stop tap in houses. Usual spots for you to locate the stop tap include the area beneath the kitchen sink and in the garage or toilets on the ground floor of your home.

Occasionally, however, these can also be spotted close to the house’s boundary; for example, on the side of it. These can include areas like the passage, driveway, yard/garden, or enveloped in a small package installed on the wall outside.

Once you are able to find your home’s water meter, check it and analyze the usage. If it shows higher consumption than normal, there is a high chance of leaks in your home. In case all this is too technical for you, hire a reliable plumber in Sugar Land, TX to do it for you.

• Signs other than Water Consumption

Some leaks will not require you to check the water meter in your house. They will display clear signs of their existence to make things easy. According to the professional plumbers in Sugar Land, TX, the following could signal leaks and other plumbing problems:

  • Rust and deterioration
  • Lowered water pressure
  • Unusual growth of tiny shrubs, grass, and flowers in certain parts of the house
  • Patches of moistness on the walls, carpet, furniture, or floor covering
  • A constant buzz of flowing water

2.   Screeching Pipes

• The Reason Behind Gargling or Banging Sounds in Your Home

Screeching pipes are not something that you can DIY to fix. Only the professional plumbers in Sugar Land, TX can conduct a thorough inspection in this regard, make a diagnosis, and introduce necessary fixes to bring the calm of your house back.

Common problems that result in hissing pipes include:

  • Loosely-installed pipes
  • Air hammer
  • Defective ball valves
  • Improperly introduced fitting washers in the jammers of the stop tap
  • Irregular water pressure in the main supply
  • Pressure buildup
  • Water hammer

3.   Water Pressure

As per the professional plumbers in Sugar Land, TX, your pipes should ideally yield 10 meters/head or a bar. If this is not the case, you need to get the plumbing network checked by a professional.

• Spotting a Water Pressure Hitch

Since you can’t directly measure the pressure of water that the pipes in your home yield, all you can do is look for a difference in the water pressure of different water outlets. If there isn’t a problem as such, each pipe should be delivering the same amount of water pressure. And in case there is a difference, it’s high time you call a plumber in Sugar Land, TX.

So, what is it that’s bothering you; a leak in the house, inadequate water pressure, water shortage, or high water bills? Whatever it is, there is nothing that the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg can’t tackle and fix.  Visit the website now!