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Top Four Signs Indicating Your Water Heater Is Neglected

The water heater is the most necessary appliance in your home that is used throughout the year. Its use becomes amplified during winter. This is when just the thought of getting into a cold shower gets your teeth chattering.

Surprisingly, the water heater remains one of the appliances you are probably least concerned about. It’s easy to overlook the significant role water heater has in your daily routine. Be it taking a bath, a quick shower, doing laundry or using the dishwasher – water heater’s use remains consistent.

Just like any other appliance, the maintenance of the water heater is equally important. You have to keep the services of water heating repair in Sugar Land in the backup to make sure that your unit functions optimally throughout and you do not have to face any difficulty.

The challenging task could be determined when your unit is malfunctioning and you need water heating repair in Sugar Land. The best thing you can do is to learn more about your unit and get to know how it works.

The more you know the better you will be able to deal with the problems and identify them at the earliest to ensure that only marginal damage is encountered.

To assist you, we have mustered up a couple of signs which can help you get alert that your heating unit is being neglected and you need to contact a professional for water heating repair in Sugar Land. So, let’s see what these signs are:

  • Sign no. 1: Rusty Water Coming From the Faucet

    This is the most noticeable sign you will see indicating a problem in your water heating unit. Water, as we all know, is transparent. Any change in color will be instantly detected. So, if you see the water coming from your tap is discolored, there is no other justification for this but the rusting of your water heating unit.

    If your unit is rusting, there is a strong chance that the water stored inside is getting contaminated. This could be detrimental to your health and well-being. You need to immediately contact the professional of water heating repair in Sugar Land to fix the problem and prevent any unpleasant happenings.

    Rusting also causes your water heating unit to weaken. This makes it convenient for the leakages to happen. So, if you see rusty water coming out from your shower or any faucet, it is imperative that you get the service for water heating repair in Sugar Land to identify the exact source of the problem and fix it for you before it turns into a bigger problem.
  • Sign no. 2: Strange Noises Coming From the Water Heating Unit

    Noises are never a usual occurrence. You should treat them as alarms indicating a major problem in the appliance it is coming from. If you hear booming or knocking sound from your water heater, it means there is an issue building in the unit.

    In the majority of the cases, this noise is due to the residue building in the base of the system. Residue curbs the efficiency of your unit and makes its functioning poor. You are likely to get more gas or electric energy consumed because of this since the unit will require more effort to heat the water. This will toll the subsequent bills.

    If you do not get the support from professionals of water heating repair in Sugar Land right away, your unit might as well start leaking or get cracked. This will require you to replace the unit entirely, giving you a major financial setback.
  • Sign no. 3: Leakage from the Water Heating Unit
    A majority of problems related to water heating repair in Sugar Land revolves around the leak from the water heating tank. As mentioned, this leak could be due to the rusting in your water heating tank, or the piled up residue in the foundation of the unit.

    If you see water gathering around your water heating tank, it means there is a leak and you need to get the service of water heating repair in Sugar Land to look into the matter immediately before your unit gets irrevocably damaged.

    Secondly, what you need to be careful about is if your water heater is located in the attic or the first floor, it would increase the risk of disastrous damage that can harm your property substantially. So, before the matter gets out of hand, get the professionals on board immediately and resolve the matter at the earliest possible.
  • Sign no. 4: Aging Water Heater

    Appliances, as a matter of fact, tend to lose their efficiency with time. With use, they gain much wear and tear which ultimately curbs their functioning gradually with time. So, if you have a water heater installed in your home that has exceeded its average lifespan – usually between ten and fifteen years – it means you have to consider replacing it.

You can get a consultation from firms dealing with water heating repair in Sugar Land to determine the exact operating status of your unit. The technicians will inspect your unit and offer you a detailed overview of whether or not you should consider replacing the unit with a more efficient one.

The water heating system is an essential part of your home and you have to give it due attention. While it can easily get neglected, you have to take conscious measures to ensure that it remains frequently serviced and maintained. You will be surprised to see how the lifespan of the unit climbs up when it is sufficiently maintained.

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