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7 Common Signs You Need a Water Line Repair in Sugar Land

Detecting water leakage problems earlier than later is important for all households! Unattended leaks could very well turn into bigger problems. Floors and paint can be ruined or even the structural strength of the house could be jeopardized.

Therefore, it is important to know and keep looking for the signs of a possible leak in the pipe. In order to make it easier for you, we have highlighted a few important signs that tell there is a problem with the plumbing system of the house. Noticing one or more of these signs, you should immediately contact a good service for water line repair in Sugar Land.

A Sudden Rise in the Water Bills

If there is a leaking pipe inside the house, it will result in wastage of water. More water will flow in which results in higher water bills. Water now runs all day and not only when you are using it. So if you notice that your water bills have gone up despite your usage being the same, you know there might be a leaking pipe inside the house and you would need a water line repair in Sugar Land.

One way to check a leaking pipe is to turn off all the taps and note the water meter readings with an interval of several hours. If the readings change, there is certainly a leaking pipe inside your house.

Pooling of Water at Unexpected Areas

If there is leaking pipe under the ground, you will see water accumulating under the foundation. Therefore, if you see water pooling at or pouring out of the foundation of the house into your yard, it is a sure sign that there has been a leakage in a concealed pipe. In such cases, you need to call experts of water line repair in Sugar Land immediately before the situation gets worse.

Other than in the yard, water can also start pooling inside the house. It is mostly seen on the kitchen or the bathroom floors. You should first notice if the water is coming from a nearby leaking appliance e.g. a heater. If not, it must be due to a leak in the concealed pipes.

Damp Carpet or Warped Hard Flooring

When there is a leaking pipeline in the house, the water has nowhere to go so it finds its way upwards. Once the water reaches your floor, they will feel moist. If you have wooden flooring, it might start getting warped and will appear damp. Carpets will also show the signs of dampness and would feel wet if you walk on them barefoot.

These symptoms can be dangerous for the house hence you should immediately seek for water line repair in Sugar Land.

Decrease in Water Pressure

When there is a leaking pipeline, all the pressure would not be directed towards the outlets and faucets as some of it would be wasted at the point of leakage. Therefore, you will notice a reduced water pressure in the faucets or when you go for a shower.

If you ever notice that there has been an unexpected decrease in the water pressure in your house, wait no further and contact an expert for water line repair in Sugar Land. He will not only detect the problem but also solve it effectively.

Water Heater Constantly Running

If the water heater does not turn off, even when you are not using the water, it means the hot water line is leaking resulting in a consumption of hot water. This is just like using the water at a faucet. If the intervals for the off time are getting shorter, this means the leak is not that significant.

However, if the heater does not turn off at all, there could be a substantial leakage. If you face any of these symptoms with your water heater, you should call an expert for water line repair in Sugar Land.

Uneven Floor Temperature

If the leakage were in a hot water pipe, the leaking water would penetrate into the concrete floors and make it warm too. The warmth in the concrete would transfer into the flooring and you might feel some areas of the floor to be warmer than the rest. This is a sure sign that there is a leaking pipe under the ground.

This method would not work if you have carpet flooring, as carpets are good insulators of heat. On the other hand, tile or hardwood would have a clear temperature difference in case of a leaking hot water pipe underneath.

How to Tell if There is a Leak

If you notice any of the above signs in your house, there is a high chance that you have a leaking water pipe inside the house and it is a clear indication that you need a water line repair in Sugar Land soon. It is always advised that you contact professionals when it comes to plumbing repairs, as the problems would mostly be beyond your understanding.

If you want to detect of there is a water leak inside the house, here are a few steps you should follow before calling the repair professionals.

  1. Turn of all the water outlets and faucets and make sure no water is running anywhere in the house.
  2. Now go out and look at your water meter. Carefully remove its cover and note the reading on the meter with time.
  3. If there were a major leak, you would see the meter running. If you do not, come back to check again after a few hours while the outlets are still shut.

What to Do Next

If using the above tips, you can tell that there is a leakage in the house, you should Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg for water line repair in Sugar Land. If you cannot tell, the professional will also help you detect the problems and will provide the solutions.