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Plumbers in Houston, TX – Hidden Water Leaks

Plumbers in Houston, TX – Watching out for the signs that you may possibly have a hidden water leak can help to mitigate the costly damage it can cause to your home. Water leaks are not always so obvious, and when they are hidden it can be challenging for the average person to locate it. In this article we will go over tips that might help you in observing and locating exactly where hidden water leaks may be. If you think you have a hidden water leak and you are still unable to locate it, then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call and our plumbers in Houston, TX will use state-of-the-art leak detection equipment in order to locate the water leak, make the necessary repairs and ease your worries.

Sometimes, you may be completely unaware that you have a leak until you receive your monthly water bill and notice a steep rise in the cost without any explanatory reasons. When this happens, do not ignore it, verify that you have a water leak and in doing so is quite simple.

The First Step

The first thing you should do is locate your water meter outside and jot down the current reading while no one else is in the home or make sure that no one else uses any water while you are outside reading the meter. Before, you head to the meter make sure that nothing is in operation that uses water such as your ice maker, dishwasher, sprinklers, and washing machine for example. Once you’ve written down the current reading, wait about thirty minutes to an hour and then go back to the water meter and compare the new reading with the previous one. If the meter gauge has increased then you have a leak somewhere. You can follow the steps below in attempting to locate the leak yourself or you can get in touch with professional plumbers in Houston, TX to find the leak for you and make the necessary repairs.

The Second Step

You should attempt to verify whether the leak is outside of your home or within the inside of your home. You can look for the possible signs of a leak outdoors by having a look at your lawn. If you are familiar where the water lines run then that is even better. Follow where the water pipes lead and if there are any damp areas in the lawn or puddles of water when it has not rained recently then that could possibly be where the water leak is originating from. If you are unfamiliar where the water pipe leads, the same principles are in order with looking for damp areas in the lawn and / or puddles of water. Inspect any outdoor faucets you have and look to see if there is water around them or if the faucet itself is dripping. If you cannot visualize any possible signs of water then attempt to use your ears.

The Third Step

If you know exactly where the water pipes enter your home then place your ears to the pipe if it is visible or if behind the wall you may still be able to hear. If you are able to hear the sound of running water through the main water supply line then you can likely determine that the water leak is going to be somewhere within the home. If you are unable to hear any water, then continue to the fourth step. If you need assistance and would like leak detection services provided by professional plumbers in Houston, TX then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call now.

The Fourth Step

Now that you have determined that water is running into your home and that the leak is possibly going to be found indoors you will want to begin inspecting the most common places where the leak could be occurring. Start with the faucets found in your kitchen and look and see if it(s) dripping, if not move below and inspect the connections and see if there is any water dripping from the connections to the faucet and whether or not if water is pooling up under the sink. If you find no evidence of a water leak in your kitchen then head to the bathrooms in your home and inspect the sinks in the same way. While in the bathroom also inspect the showerheads, bath tub faucets and look and see if the toilet is running.

If you find that the toilet(s) and / or sink(s) have leaks then if you are competent in your abilities to make the repairs yourself, go ahead but if not, get in touch with Benjamin Franklin and we will send our professional and friendly plumbers in Houston, TX to your location to make the necessary repairs. If you are unable to find any possible signs or are unable to detect any hearing cues to the possibility of a leak then chances are the leak may be underground, within the foundation or in the walls and if you will need professional assistance from professional plumbers in Houston, TX to get the job done.