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Plumbers in Katy, Texas – Low Flow Toilets

You can cut back on water usage and water costs, if you have inefficient and / or outdated fixtures. Low-flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads are purposely designed to operate with greater water efficiency, and they offer an effective solution to reducing the amount of water your household consumes. If you are looking for help with reducing your household water usage, get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to have our professional plumbers in Katy, Texas assist you.

Low-flow fixtures are purposely designed to function with less water, offering an appealing way to lower the usage of water and not only this but create a more environmentally friendly and green home.

In the United States, prior to the 1950s, toilets used 7 gallons or more per flush. In the 1980s, toilets were using 3.5 gallons or more per flush. Today’s toilets use as little as 1.6 gallons, less than half of toilet’s from 30 years ago and over four times as less as toilets from over 60 years ago. One of the most practical new designs, are dual flush toilets, which delivers a full flush for solid waste, and a reduced flush for liquid waste.

Toilet Options

Today’s toilets require more components that enable them to create an increased rate of water within the bowl for an effective flush. Unfortunately, not all toilets are equal in both reliability and build make. Our professional plumbers in Katy, Texas can assist you with options and makes in toilets, and ensure that you receive a reliable and qualified toilet.

Toilet Installation

The installation of a new toilet may seem like a small chore, but that is not always true. If you are planning on a do-it-yourself toilet install, you will need to make sure that the new toilet will be able to fit in place and that it will install correctly with the outlet pipe. Older homes might have a different measurement of space between the outlet pipe and the wall. Today’s standards are twelve inches. Our plumbers in Katy, Texas can assist you with a worry-free new toilet install.

Optional Features

There are quite a bit of optional features available with toilets in the marketplace. Options like automatic seats, automatic flushing and motion sensor flushing to name just a few. Automatic seat, sometimes referred to as a soft close toilet seat operates the lid and eliminates the noise and risk of damaging the bowl from a dropped seat.

Other popular options include a built-in bidet. Toilets with their own sensors that will automatically raise the lid whenever they sense you coming to the toilet. Touch flush or motion sensor flushing and there are even toilets with their very own toilet seat warmers that are most especially beneficial during the winter months. If you would to learn more, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and speak with our plumbers in Katy, Texas today.

You may notice some toilets that have a WaterSense label on them. In order for that toilet model to earn this label it has to meet or exceed certain criteria of both efficiency and performance. A WaterSense toilet can conserve 4,000 gallons of water or more per year in the average home. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide you with reliable and professional plumbers in Katy, Texas for assistance with new toilet installations.

Low Flow Shower Head

Low-flow showerheads can save as much as 15 gallons of water for every 10 minutes of showering. Our plumbers in Katy, Texas can help you with the installation of a flow-flow showerhead.

Water Efficient Faucets

Faucets with the WaterSence label are also high performance and highly water efficient fixtures. WaterSense labeled bathroom sink faucets can reduce a sink’s water fow by as much as thirty percent or more without sacrificing comfort.

WaterSense Savings

Replacing your old, worn out faucets with WaterSense items will save you as much as 700 gallons of water per year. The replacement of these outdated faucets with WaterSense ones will also reduce the demands on your hot water heaters along with saving on your monthly utility costs.

When you replace old, out of date faucets and aerators with WaterSense items, it will reduce the demands your hot water heaters. These savings are as simple as removing your existing faucets and replacing them with WaterSense labeled ones. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Katy, Texas can assist you with providing the installation if you need. If every home across the United States replaced their existing faucets and aerators with WaterSense labeled ones, over 64 billion gallons of water could be saved across the country every year.