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Houston Plumbing | Common Plumbing Repairs

When it comes to Houston plumbing repairs, it can seem like most cases are isolated incidents and often this is true. Whenever a toilet stops up and it needs snaking or whenever a pipe breaks and water is gushing out of the break into the home, it does not always indicate that there may be a greater problem with the plumbing system. However, most Houston plumbing repairs can be placed within a few categories.  If you take note of what category your plumbing repairs typically fall under it can be very helpful in a few ways.  The very first thing is that if your Houston plumbing repairs seem to always fall under one category it may be due to the fact that you should look into having a general assessment done and maybe even a complete overhaul.

Drainage repairs are one of the most common problems and are also one of the most undertaken by do it yourself homeowners. Examples of Houston plumbing drainage repairs that almost everyone has experienced is a clogged or overflowing toilet, stopped up sinks, bathtubs or even swimming pools. You can prevent these types of problems before they even begin by putting screens over every drain in the home to assist in filtering out solid objects like hair and other solid particles that clog up drains.  You should also never flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper.

Stopped up drains can be fixed by many different methods. One of the most popular methods is the use of a plunger. Most homes have a plunger for their toilet, but it is also important for homeowners to purchase a small plunger that is never used in the toilet and can be used for other stopped up drains such as kitchen sinks or bathroom sinks.  A secondary option that can be used to assist in removing clogs in drains is the snake. A plumbing snake is a long tool that goes deep into the pipes and assists in unclogging blockages that are deep down within the pipes where a plunger would be less effective.  However, snakes if not used properly can damage pipes and in the event you have a clog that you cannot undo with a plunger it is best to let a Houston plumbing professional handle the problem.  A third method that homeowners could use to help with removing clogs is to use a synthetic chemical solution such as Drano, or other natural alternative methods at removing a clog from the plumbing.

Other Forms of Houston Plumbing Repairs

Leaks are another very common type of Houston plumbing repair.  Plumbing leaks can pop up anywhere inside or outside of the home and if left unattended they can cause disparaging amounts of damage.  A leak that is not taken care of immediately can ruin drywall, rot wood, and if in or near the basement or foundation of the home it can ruin the foundation.  Leaks happen for multiple reasons but are most often brought on by frozen pipes that bursts, or simply from wear and tear from old pipes.  You can assist in preventing this from happening by placing freeze prevention sleeves on pipes that are exposed to extreme winter conditions and by retrofitting pipes after they reach a certain age. Preemptively replacing old pipes before they break down is by far the best method.

Depending on your level of expertise with plumbing and the location of the pipe, a leaking pipe can be a DIY or require professional service from a Houston plumbing company.  However, a leaking pipe could be but just one element of a major problem somewhere else in the home’s plumbing system and you plan on attempting to repair the leak yourself, you should consider still having a professional check out your home’s plumbing system for other problems.

Fixture repair is the third type of plumbing repair that is most common with Houston plumbing repairs.  Fixtures are plumbing pieces like shower heads, faucets and hardware for the toilet that have broken down and either need to be repaired or replaced.  Plumbing fixture problems can help be prevented by following the installation directions very closely. A missing washer in a key area can cause any plumbing fixture to spring a leak or not work as intended. Some of these types of repairs can be done by a competent homeowner, however, if you are not competent in doing so you may wish to acquire the services from a reputable Houston plumbing company to assist you with replacing and / or repairing the plumbing fixtures in your home.