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Water Softener

Water softener

Water that has a high mineral content is most often referred to as hard water.  As water passes in rivers and even under ground, it will come into contact with many different types of minerals. Minerals like limestone and chalk.   These minerals are mostly composed of calcium and magnesium.  At home, hard water can cause soap and detergent to not produce enough suds, resulting in less effective cleaning.  Additionally, hard water will also form limescale, which is damaging to a home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, TX.  Limescale also damages appliances that use water, such as the hot water heater. If you are experiencing problems from the effects of hard water, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule water softener installation with your home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, TX.

Hard Versus Soft Water

Hard water also can affect you. It can cause dry itchy skin, dull and lifeless hair, spots on dishes after they are washed and dried, and a number of other pesky problems.  Hard water costs homeowners money too. This is due to the need to replace appliances and other parts of the home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, TX.  Appliances like your hot water heater, dishwasher and washing machine affected by hard water. Additionally, your home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, TX may experience mineral deposits along the plumbing that produces blockages, pinholes and other problems depending on the type of pipe material. Homeowner’s don’t often realize the full picture, when it comes to hard water in the home.  Continue reading to learn more about water softeners and the benefits they provide. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing if you need assistance with your plumbing in Rosenberg, TX.

The Effects on Laundry

Hard water affects your ability to do laundry too.  Hard water can cause you to use as much as 50% more in laundry detergent to get the job done. By installing a water softener, this problem will be resolved, and save you money by reducing the amount of detergent and fabric softener that will be used. Additionally, laundry will be much cleaner, softer, and the colors of clothing will last longer.

The Effects on Lifespan

When you have a water softener installed in the home, this will help extend the lifespan of your appliances that use water, and it will also decrease the need for repairs. Hard water causes limescale buildup that will clog pipes, showerheads, toilets and even faucets. One of the worst effects of hard water occurs inside of hot water heaters, impacting performance, energy consumption, and the life cycle of the heater. If you are in need of hot water heater replacement, repair or maintenance for your home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, TX, give Ben Franklin Plumbing a call.

Hard water accumulates at the bottom of a hot water heater.  As it accumulates over time, it will result in layers and layers of scale being formed.  If you routinely flush your hot water heater, you can help prevent the accumulation of the scale, maintaining is performance, energy efficiency and increasing the hot water heaters life cycle. If you do not routinely flush the water heater it will eventually result in higher utility bills due to the sediment being heated before the water.

Additionally, the buildup of limescale at the bottom of the hot water heater will take on the role as an insulator and the cracking of the glass liner within the tank may happen. Once the liner has been compromised, rust will eventually occur inside of the metal tank, and pinhole leaks will begin to sprout up in just a matter of time. A leaking water heater can cause water damage to your home and even potentially damage the foundation.  You should routinely inspect your hot water heater for leaks and if you see any problems contact Ben Franklin Plumbing for assistance with your home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, TX.

Hard water will also stain tubs, showers, sinks, dull their finishes, and even increase the amount of time it takes to effectively clean them.  This is especially true with toilets; limescale accumulates under the rim of the bowl and at the very bottom where it settles. Give Ben Franklin a call today if you need help with your plumbing in Rosenberg, TX.

The Effects on Skin and Hair

Hard water not only affects a home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, TX but it also will affect your appearance and even your health.  It is quite common for hard water to cause dry and itchy skin, along with dull and lifeless hair also.  The hair industry states that hard water can cause hair to experience numerous negative effects, including:

  • Color and perm resistant hair
  • Dandruff and eczema of the scalp
  • Thinning hair and lack of body and shine
  • Color fading and hair discoloration

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