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Plumbing Issues You Are Likely To Encounter During Winter

Burst pipe in winter

Worried about your pipes this winter? Take a look at common plumbing issues during cold weather

The plumbing system of our homes is susceptible to leaks, clogs, and damage year round. However, the plumbing system is the most vulnerable during winter. Cold weather puts excessive strain on the water lines and the pipes and even the newest fixtures can burst apart under the pressure of cold weather.

The plumbers in Rosenberg receive the most phone calls during the winters, by many homeowners crying for help.

In addition to the inconvenience and the unplanned expenditure caused by plumbing issues in the winters, it is simply painful to be without water–or hot water–in such cold weather for a long period of time.

We’d advice to keep a sharp eye on the weather forecast when the winters are approaching. As soon as you hear the news of the first cold wind blowing through your town, make sure to call your plumber in Rosenberg for a thorough checkup.

The following are some of the most common plumbing issues you are most likely to encounter during the winters:

1.   Clogged Drain

One of the most unexpected plumbing issues that most people face during the cold weather is that of the clogged drain.  While the weather doesn’t have anything to do with clogged drain directly, it does play its part. The reason why we plumbers in Rosenberg receive so many calls as a result of a clogged drain is because the weather forces everyone to stay indoors.  People take it as an excellent opportunity to throw dinner parties, slumber parties, or just any kind of parties. It’s also the holiday season hence the food and cooking is galore and that sends loads of clogging material down the drain.

Seasoned homeowners are well aware of this plumbing issue and often get their drains cleaned and treated before the holiday season begins. Others end up calling the plumbers after having a nasty experience with the clogged drain.

Just as a safety measure, it’s better to deal with the issue beforehand to reduce the chances of clogging. Chances are, holiday season will make the plumbers in Rosenberg inaccessible and you might up end up with a overflowing drain.

2.   Frozen and Ruptured Pipes

The plumbing issue that makes most people reach out to their plumbers in Rosenberg is that of frozen and ruptured pipes. When the temperature drops, the water in the pipes freezes and fails to come out through the faucets until it is thawed.

In some cases, when it is extremely cold, the water ends up expanding and rupturing the pipe in the process. As a result, there’s a major leak in the pipes and the homeowners may end with absolutely no water and high repair bill. If you fear that this might happen to you, call your plumbers in Richmond for some advice and take precautions as per their directions.

3.   Damaged Septic Tank

For those who don’t know, septic tank is a tank situated underground. This tank collects sewage and decomposes it through bacterial activity before sending it forth. In winters, septic tank gets too cold especially when the ground is covered with ice or compact snow. As a result of this extreme temperature, septic tank is likely to burst apart. In some cases the pipe that brings the sewage from the house to the septic tank also bursts because of the cold weather.

This can turn out to be a disaster if not taken care of beforehand. Call your trusted plumber in Rosenberg as soon as you get suspicious about the status of your septic tank. We’d advice you to call your plumber in Rosenberg before the weather is expected to get harsh and discuss preventing measures with them.

4.   Poor Heating

Another common complaint that plumbers in Rosenberg receive in the winters is about the lack of hot water. The reason why homeowners do not get properly heated water in their faucets is because the water passes through really cold pipes and by the time it reaches the faucet, it has lost most of its heat.

This also makes the water heater work harder to heat the water. The cause lots of inconvenience during the winters. Make sure to have a suitable system in place before the cold weather hits your town.

5.   Water Line Leak

A leak in the water line can happen any time during the year. However, the chances of the leak are greater in the winter and the consequences are much more disastrous in contrast. In winters the water lines get frozen and split the pipes, leading to the leakage. Pipes that are very old are more in danger of the leakage during the winters.

Save yourself from experiencing leaked water lines in the winter by getting it inspected by your plumbers in Rosenberg beforehand. If there already is a minor leak in the pipe line, then have it repaired before it gets worse in the winters. A small leak can get larger in the winters because everything expands in low temperature. This can cause damage to your home and your foundation and the repair may cost you heavily.

Do you fear that some of these plumbing issues will find their way to your home? Are you already noticing some signs of minor leakage? Has your water already started struggling? Whether you’re doubtful or confident, it’s far better to be safe than sorry.  Call a professional plumber in Rosenberg right now and enjoy steaming hot water in the winters.

You can reach out to us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg if you want a highly skilled and profession team of plumbers who are pro at handling winter plumbing issues. Make the right decision now before you end up waking up to a busted septic tank spilling sewage water everywhere. Call (281) 616-3978!