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Katy Plumbing – Drain Cleaning in Katy

Chemical concentrates, food residue accumulation and grease / oil buildup are some of the most common reasons behind drain clogs in homes that will require Katy plumbing.  In their worst states, these types of clogs will almost certainly always require professional Katy plumbing cleaning services or even excavation in order to fix the plumbing system.

At times though, however, you might be able to eliminate clogs like this by using different methods and tools that are readily available in your home, before the need arises for you to get professional help from a Katy plumbing company.  In this article, we will go over some of the most effective, Do-it-yourself drain cleaning how-to’s that a homeowner can do to help reduce the effects of a clog and return their drain pipes back to normal.

Hot Water

Hot water is often looked over when it comes to its ability to sometimes remove simple clogs.  Flushing your plumbing with hot water can often time dislodges any clogged debris and buildup in your pipes, simply due to the combinations of water pressure and heat.

In order to achieve the best results, you should try running the hot water through the partially clogged drain for around 15 minutes or so.  If this goes well, the bare heat and force of the water will help remove the clog and flush away any residue buildup that is affecting the pipes without the need of contacting a Katy plumbing company.

Readily Available Household Items and Tools

Plunger – You should already have a plunger, however, do not use the same plunger you use in your toilets. If you do not have an extra plunger for the sinks then purchase one specifically for this. There are even readily available “sink plungers” that are optimized specifically for dealing with sinks. The process works pretty much the same as using a plunger in the toilet and may possibly dislodge whatever is causing the clog to begin with, resolve the problem all without needing the help from a Katy plumbing company.

Homemade Liquid Cleaners – If none of the above techniques have worked out for you, you might want to try cleaning your drains with a homemade mixture.  Just like commercial chemical cleaners, homemade cleaners will help break down and dislodge drain pipe buildup. However, unlike commercial cleaners, these solutions do not come with the risks of pipe damage or dangerous chemicals.

The most common of these home mixtures is vinegar and baking soda.

You most likely have both of these products readily available in your pantry. What you will do is pour one cup of each of these down the pipes. Wait for around 10 to 15 minutes and then follow it up with boiling hot water. Hopefully, this concoction will dislodge the clog and bring everything back into working order without the need of using pricey and dangerous chemical cleaners.

If you do not have vinegar and baking soda readily available then you could try a soft drink alternative solution.  Soft drinks such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola, can assist in resolving common drain clogs believe it or not.

These concoctions are much safer than commercial drain cleaning solutions and just like baking soda and vinegar, the soda can also help break down clogged debris thanks mostly in part to dissolving agents that are in these sodas; such as, phosphoric acid.  Surprisingly enough, soda might even be more effective than the pricey store-bought commercial chemical cleaners.

Prevention Tips

One of the best methods to eliminate the problems with drain clogs is preventing them from happening all together from the first place.  Simple methods such as always scraping off all food from your dishes before placing them in the sink and never pouring oil or grease down your drains will go a long ways at preventing clogs that will require a professional Katy plumbing company to resolve.

If you have a garbage disposal, scrape off your left over food into this. If not, make sure you scrape off your left over food into the trash before placing them in the sink. As for left over oil, you should store this in plastic containers or tin cans and toss them in with your regular trash rather than disposing them into the sink.  A sure fire way of creating an impossible clog would be to dump left over oil down the sink. If done so, for too long, you may very well need the plumbing excavated and replaced in order to resolve it.  By following these prevention tips you can prevent clogs all together that will need professional services from a Katy plumbing company.