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Katy plumber – Water Heater Repair in Katy

When it comes to a water heater that is about to fail, most people have no idea that their water heater is on its last leg until they contact a Katy plumber for assistance for water heater repair in Katy.  However, there are signs that you can watch out for yourself without the need of a Katy plumber to determine if your water heater is about to fail.  You can avoid the problems that will arise with a failing water heater by educating yourself and understanding the indicators that there is a problem with the water heater.  Below we go over the top four indicators that you can inspect yourself without needing to contact a Katy plumber for assistance.

1. The age of the hot water heater

How old the hot water heater is will play a detrimental part on the indications on whether your system is on its last legs.  If you are not certain of the age of the heater then you can find the age by inspecting the serial number that will be on the manufacturer’s sticker that should be located on the upper part of the hot water heater.

The serial number will display the date that the hot water heater was manufactured.  However, the serial number will not look the way a date is typically written. Instead, the serial number will have a code that represents the date of manufacturer such as “C021055691”.

The C represents the month the water heater was manufactured. C is the third letter in the alphabet so it will represent March. The first two digits of the serial number are 02, which means the year it was manufactured, or otherwise, 2002.  So in this scenario the water heater was made in March of 2002.  Every manufacturer will have a date code that is similar in details as this, however, they can and do vary; check with your water heaters manufacturer’s website to be certain of yours.

Typically, if your water heater is more than ten years old it should be queued for replacement. If the hot water heater is in a location in your home where it will not cause any damage if it does spring a leak, you can hold out until it does before purchasing a new unit, but this is not recommended.  If by chance though your hot water heater is in an area of your house where it could cause significant damage if it springs a leak, you should strongly look at replacing it after ten years or even before, if any of the following signs occur.  If you need help finding a water heater that is right for your home contact Ben Franklin Plumbing in Houston for water heater repair in Katy and we will dispatch a professional Katy plumber to your home to assist you.

2. Water corroded with Rust

If you have recently noticed rusty water coming from your hot water faucets then this could be a sign that your hot water heater is beginning to rust from the inside out and it will eventually start leaking.

However, if you have galvanized plumbing, you may very well have rusty pipes.  To test this, drain the hot water from your hot water heater using a five-gallon bucket. If by the third bucket, the water coming the hot water heater is still rusty, then more than likely the water heater is the culprit. If you look like further help upon discovering this contact a professional Katy plumber for water heater repair in Katy for assistance.

3. Strange noises like Rumbling

The older a hot water heater, the more sediment it will contain at the bottom of the tank.  When this sediment is heated over and over again, it will eventually become hard.  Whenever this occurs, you will often hear strange noises such as rumbling or banging noises coming from the inside of the water heater as it is warming up water.  If you hear this then the hot water heater is nearing its end of usefulness.

This layer of hardened sediment will decrease the efficiency of the water heater’s ability to heat water.  The extra time required to heat the water due to this sediment will also lead to more wear on the tank which will lead to cracks and pinhole leaks developing eventually in the tank.  If you notice any leaks, then it may be time to remove the old water heater and replace it with a newer more efficient one.  If you would like further assistance in determining these symptoms then contact a professional Katy plumber for water heater repair in Katy for assistance.

4. Water Pooling around the Hot Water Heater

If you have found water around your hot water heater, you may possibly have a small leak or crack in the tank.  When the water heater heats water, the tank will expand, during this time water may leak from the tank. Once it cools down the inner tank will stop leaking.  First, before signing the death certificate on your water heater, ensure there are no other leaks coming from fittings or connections to the water heater.  Also, inspect the overflow pipe to make sure it is not leaking. If everything checks out fine, then it is time to replace the water heater.  If you are unsure on how to perform any of these tasks contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg for water heater repair in Katy and we will send a professional Katy plumber to your home to diagnose the water heater.