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24-Hour Emergency Plumbers

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg offers 24-hour emergency plumbers providing assistance with your plumbing emergency, day or night. You can prevent or reduce damage to your home by calling our plumbers for emergency plumbing repairs. When you contact our plumbers in Katy, we will provide fast, efficient service restoring your water or sewer services.

Our licensed plumbers provide emergency plumbing services for flooding, clogged drains, stopped up toilets and occluded sewer pipes, broken pipes and other plumbing issues. We offer services with the latest technology and advanced knowledge for an efficient resolution of the problem, and restoration of your home’s water and/or drain and sewer services.

Before the Plumber Arrives

If you have a leak, shut off the water. Depending on the location of the leak, turn off the valve located at the affected fixture if any, otherwise shut off the water supply to the home. If you are unsure of the leak location and how to best shut off its water source, use the homes main water shut off valve or turn it off at the meter. Once additional water damage is averted contact Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Katy for reliable plumbing repair.

When a clogged drain or sewer backup occurs, it is essential to ensure that no water goes down the drain and/or the toilet is not flushed. Contact Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Katy for professional plumbing repair. Our licensed plumbers are equipped with both traditional plumbers tools and the latest technology for efficiently resolving your plumbing problems. Whether your home’s drainage problem is due to a potential clog, damage and deterioration from aging pipes, or tree root invasion in the sewer pipe, our plumbers have the equipment to provide efficient, effective repairs for the fastest restoration of your water and/or drain and sewer services.

Emergency Pipe Repair

When you have a leak, our plumbers in Katy provide emergency water pipe repair on all types of pipe material. In addition, our dedicated plumbers will inspect your home’s pipes, determine its condition,  and estimate its remaining lifespan. If your plumbing is experiencing frequent leaks, it may be time to replace it. We can assist you in the decision to repipe or repair, based on your goals and budget. Our skilled, licensed plumbers can provide the reliable solution you require.

Hidden Leaks

Hidden water leaks occur when the source of the leak is not obvious. Our expert plumbers offer the latest in leak detection for accurate and efficient location of hidden leaks. Our plumbers in Katy offer a wide range of plumbing services including professional leak repair, and 24-hour emergency plumbers.

The best solution for preventing plumbing problems is routine plumbing maintenance. Schedule drain/sewer inspection and cleaning every 2-3 years. Depending on pipe materials and water chemistry, it is recommended to schedule a pipe inspection once the pipe nears the end of its expected lifespan. Your plumber can best recommend the anticipated lifespan for your location and pipe material.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg in Katy offer industry expertise to take care of the plumbing repairs, installation and maintenance you need. Our plumbers will always show respect for you and your property and are committed to your 100% satisfaction. When plumbing emergencies occur don’t hesitate to contact our 24-hour emergency plumbers.  We serve Katy, Houston, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.